Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Raining Its Pouring....

Ok so its not exactly pouring but its wet enough that being outside isn't THAT enticing sooo lucky lucky I am going to do two posts today!!  That and its Sunday so I still need to respect the sabbath even though I am on vacation!.. Well maybe I should write a little about why I love this place...not many words needed so I will show my thoughts in pictures! READY?!...ok

              ok so i'm not that tan yet but I will be! mark my words!

                  beach, ocean, palm trees..perfection!

                slippers= no socks...oh the joy

Enough said?...i think so!!


  1. i think you're looking really tan! i especially love that last pic. so you're just hanging around hawaii all by yourself? haha.

  2. alone in hawaii...who does that? lol.. you should be here..


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