Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Sunday!.../day#17..

Day # 17- Favorite memory-

Sooo well I am incredibly OFF on my days and blogging! I just got so crazy busy...after all this weekend was my last one here! ahh!..dang it.. This is going to be so bittersweet!.. I just skyped with Chris and Linds and it made me wicked home sick and excited to see my fam and all you people I love!...then I went outside and..hmm..yah its sooooo nice out!! My brain is so confused as to whether to be excited or bummed! Because honestly I feel like this last month will be one of my best/favorite memories I will have in my life! I have had so many blessings in my life in the last month! This experience is something I will remember forever and has given me a lot of answers for my life and I have had a lot of prayers answered as well! I know that my Father in Heaven loves me and is here for me whenever I need him. I have never felt this or known this more than I do through this wonderful experience. Yet another favorite memory of mine has to be the time I spent with my family before I came out here!...I love remembering playing games with them hearing everyone laugh and just hanging out and eating great food! ...I love them all SO freaking much!!....Oh well four weeks and I'll be back OR should I say I'll be back in paradise and my fam will be with thats the ultimate blessing!!... so I think I can handle it!!

Anywhoo its Sunday! So happy wonderful sabbath! ... I honestly just love Sundays! Church was really good today! I went with a few girls I know from back home! They are real sweethearts and a lot of fun to hang out with! They do church a little different in their ward, they start out with relief society then sunday school and then sacrament meeting! But it was a really good experience!

This song is one that I love to listen to on Sundays...It helps me to feel the spirit and reminds me that when I need my Father in Heaven he will listen to me and comfort me in any time of need... Enjoy!

Also here are some pictas to update ya'll on life here!

 classic scrunchy nose squinty eyes but look how tan I am...yaaaahooo!
 craaazy beach hair!.. my head started hurting from wearing my hair up all the time!
 See all those people on that rock?...Ya I jumped off big deal!
 So the boys buried me and hayley in the sand...
 Kind of a really weird you cant breathe and can feel your pulse all over your body lol..
 I donno if you can tell but im COVERED in sand!..awesome
 So this is a place to go snorkeling called sharks cove....
 they went exploring and I didnt have gear and so graciously declined when they offered me some lol...i dont love snorkeling..

And I found this awesome rock shaped like a reclining chair and had a nap! great!

Well more week!!

Have a happy Monday! you all!


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