Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day#8- A moment..

Not exactly sure what that means? A moment? well I donno...I had a moment yesterday down at the beach listening to my music just layin there thinking about my life and hard decisions and this song came on that I didn't even know I had!

Well my friends this seriously could be my theme song lets be real! Well now a days it should be!
I'm really taking chances and going after things that I want....even if its hard...even if I end up hurt or disappointed! My goodness at least I know I tried! Because honestly the things that are worth fighting for...if you lose, something better is there and you'll be blessed just for trying and if you win! Well heck then its SO worth the fight and the risk!.... lets remember...happiness is a mood not a destination! If we can choose to get thru the tough stuff with a smile on our faces and with the knowledge that someday its all gonna work out! Hard work gets results! Some day I am going to be really dang happy and in the mean time....well Im gonna be happy anyways! =)

Ok well enough of that personal pep talk!! I had another moment yesterday!! let me share it with you in pictures!!

I seriously wish every single one of you who read this ( so prob like 4 of you!) was here with me! Its literally paradise! (when its not raining!) .....Mom, Dad, Chris, Linds!!...start your count downs now! For we will all be here in 2 months!! Can you say....WAAAHOOOOOOO!!!

Another moment that about scared the pants right off me!!.... ya people those things are EVERYWHERE!....and I wonderfully found one on my bed...lucky me!....sick sick sick!
Gecko we are not friends ok? Don't come back!!!!!

I realize that was 3 moments...but I couldn't only tell one!! ...really? A moment as a topic? what is that!?...anywho love you all and miss you bunches! SERIOUSLY!...lets all move to Hawaii?...mmk great!


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  1. 53 days! I can not begin to explain my excitement. Love you.
    P.S. FABULOUS song <3
    - Linds


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