Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day #6- Hindsight is always 20/20..

recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc., after its occurrence.  

ok so you may have noticed that I skipped day #5...that one will come tomorrow...because I am SO super not into writing about my definition of love at this particular moment on this particular day! So maybe that will come tomorrow...however day #6 fit in great because I was going to tell you all about my lovely day anyways!

Oh hindsight how I hate thee..
In hindsight I should have gotten up earlier seeing as how I was RUDELY awakened at 5am anyways...
In hindsight I should have waited for the bus instead of walking to BYUH campus
In hindsight I should have worn runners and taken slippers in my bag to change into like my mother so gladly suggested...after the fact...poor feet..
In hindsight I should have done MUCH better in highschool...like studied..went to class...payed attention...gave a crap?...oh I can only keep my fingers crossed that MY kids will listen to me..prob not!
In hindsight when that bus driver passed me by and waved at me and then DIDN'T stop..I shoulda flipped him the bird or threw a rock at the window or something..sorry mom..im half kidding..
In hindsight I should have plugged my phone in so it didn't die on me while walking home again..
In hindsight I probably should not have eaten at MickyD's to drown my sorrows and then walked home...that went well..not.(ps. I seriously hate that place but I had to do it..)
In hindsight I should have been SOOOOOO much better to my mom over the years...who walked me to the school via google map and phone. I sure do love ya mom...thanks for always being there even when I'm so far away!

Then the biggest one of them all...
In hindsight I should learn to be more grateful and have more faith..this is an adventure..MY adventure...and also I came home and read this little lovely out of a wonderful book called No One Can Take Your Place by Sheri Dew

" There will be days when we feel defeated, exhausted, and plain old beat up by life's whiplash. People we love will disappoint us- and we will disappoint them. We'll probably struggle with some kind of mortal appetite. Some days it will feel as though the veil between heaven and earth is made of reinforced concrete. And we may even face a crisis of faith. In fact, we can count on trials that test our testimony and our faith."---------
"Everything about our lives is an indicator of our Father's remarkable respect, that He recommended us for now, when the stakes are so high, when His kingdom is being established once and for all, never again to be taken from the earth. He chose us for the last leg of the relay when He needs His strongest runners."

Umm...excuse me?..were you talking to me?..Doesn't that make you feel better about your trials and your bad days?..Sure did wonders for me!..So tomorrow is another day...another wonderful day to this wonderful adventure...if I can sleep passed 5am that would make it even better!...Also I am going to the beach...and if it rains I am going to go run up this massive rock cliff thingy and....scream at the top of my lungs! ahh..I feel better already! 


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  1. i love so much about this post. I love so much about all your posts. But I couldn't help but just say this photo is moving...You've inspired me to do some photo work based off of this next semester :) Tank you :)


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