Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day #4- yum in my tum

(speaking of things to do to get a guy to dump you) "call him at night and tell him everything you had to eat that day".."whats wrong with that?" -How to lose a guy in 10 days.

ok there is seriously nothing interesting about what I ate today but since its day four of the challenge and I am completing this challenge here you have it folks my day in eating!

Breakfast : cinnamon life cereal (oh how i love this stuff)
                  one ginormous apple (and when I say ginormous i seriously mean it was HUGE people!)

Lunch: Sandwhich (bun turkey mustard(shocking i know but they for real don't sell mayo at this grocery          
                                 store) and lettuce)
           carrots (like a half a bag...can you really turn orange from those?)
           garden salsa sun chips(like 5 cause for some reason they give me heartburn..but they taste so good)

Dinner: ok mom don't be mad...i forgot to eat supper...normal thing I assure you because I keep eating at weird times cause my body cant figure out what time it is!! But I did just barely eat some SUPER yummy trailmix containing craisins and blusins? (dried blueberries) cashews, almonds and yogurt chips(like choco chips but yogurt YUM!) And I drank like 5 bottles of water today so I figure I'm set!

Wow wasn't that SO interesting!!...I totally agree why a guy would dump you for doing that

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