Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day #16- This kiss, This kiss..

My first kiss...
Alright lets set the whole scene here so you guys can get the full effect!
You know those tube things at the park that you crawl thru? Ok well it was on top of one of those..calm down I was in grade 1..ya thats right I was 6!...he seriously snuck it right on me!..Ok anyways SO his name was michael and I have nooo idea where he is at today but we were sitting on top of one of those tube things during recess and all the sudden he said my name and I looked at him and he kissed me!..and I jumped off the tube ran into the girls washroom and cried! haha...I knew I should have been playing soccer instead..dang it!!

Alright well thats literally my very first kiss but I guess my first kiss that actually meant something was a lot later on in life! My first kiss where I really wanted the guy to kiss me so bad and I cared about this guy a lot... I was almost 16. He was my very best friend! And we went for a walk and during the whole walk I thought he was going to kiss me and then he never did.... then he had to drive me home and when I went to get out of the car he grabbed my hand and pulled me back in and kissed me!...This time I walked into the house on cloud 9 with the biggest smile on my face!...definitely no tears!

And that was the last time I had a first kiss that wasn't the most awkward moment of my life where I try to avoid it as long as possible and make a HUGE fool of myself in the process! one friend alaya actually calls it the "lauren cooper"... oh well!!

I hope everyone has had awesome first kiss memories! If you care to share leave a comment! =)


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