Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day #15- Dream a little dream of me...

Dreams are the foundation for goals, goals are the foundation for living up to your true potential!

So this is kind of a huge topic to blog about in my opinion! Sooo many things to dream about and look forward to in life! I'll just share a few of my dreams/goals!

I dream of traveling... there is soooo much to see out there! What a shame to miss out on all of the beauty!

I dream of one day living in this paradise!...I don't know how to explain what it does to me! But I honestly feel so happy and just myself here its incredible! And to have little beach bum babies would be so fantastic!

I dream of being the best wife possible to a husband who just loves and adores me for who I am just like I will love and adore him for everything he is! I dream of being in love for all eternity to someone incredible in my eyes and being that cute old couple you see walking down the street hand in hand...does that not just make your heart melt when you see that?! If not...you have no emotion because wow...its amazing to me!

I dream of having my own little cakies one day ( thats what hawaiians call kids!) And I dream of being a really great mom...I love kids so much and I can't wait to experience that love that every mother describes. It'll be the best days of my life!

I dream of being able to do photography not only as a hobby that I love but as something that I can share with others and bring them some happiness through it too!

I dream of changing someones life for the better...and I mean actually making a difference!...I donno what I can do...even if its a habitat for humanity project or working in an orphanage...but anything! I just want to make a difference!

I dream of just being the best possible person I can be!...Daughter, sister, friend, wife, mom! And I know that achieving my dreams/goals will help me do that!!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!


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