Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day #13...My week be like..

Sooo you all are probably starting to wonder if I ever learned how to count properly....I knoow my days aren't in order again but I donno thats just how it worked out! long as they are all there then I figure its all good..mmmk? ok

So my week has had its ups and downs...mostly ups now that I look back on it and the fact that its ending on a pretty fantastic note! Mostly I did what I usually do... the beach, exercising and just relaxing. Nothing to overly exciting! But none the less fantastic! And then the weekend was busy!..I actually had to be places at a certain time and it was WEIRD!...

So Friday I went to this HUMUNGOUS mall that took like an hour and a half bus ride to get there but friends its seriously worth it! This place is massive and awesome and its call Ala Moana.

So it has all the HIGH end stores like..

 This is just a pic of the mall...doesn't do it justice..

 two stories of Mr. Louis..ahh

And theen...what do I do?..I go to Forever XXI and buy a dress for $12.00. All those poor suckas and that go to those other stores and spend what equals one of my pay checks to buy a dress when they could just follow me!!...If only they knew what they were missing out on!!...Yes I am just trying to make myself feel better...but still!

Then after a looong bus ride home and being pretty motion sicknessy..ick... I watched the movie 500 days of summer, which I've been trying to watch for SO long and glad I finally did...its pretty great! Not exactly what I expected but I adore Zooey Deschanel!

Saturday was buuusy... I woke up bright and early to go volunteer at a childrens school fundraiser which was pretty fun! I blew up balloons all morning and then got to sell them to all the little ones! I love kids soooo much! They make everything fun and happy!...I even gave one away for free...shh don't tell! But this little girl was SOOOOOO stinkin cute I couldn't handle it!..Don't worry I put my own money in the jar to make up for it!

After I was done my shift there I had a really great nap and then went and caught the bus again down to Waikiki and went swimming and walked around and checked a bunch of stuff out! It was so fun and cool to see it at night time!

Alright how many of you thinking I have some explaining to do?...Well this statue is pretty great dontcha think? It's a statue of the guy who invented surfing!! so neat! Ooooh you meant about the real live guy in the picture?...ok well he goes to BYU.. I met him on thursday and it was pretty awkward and awesome so he didn't really fit into that post.. So ya he's been showin me all the fun stuff and taking me on adventures outside my little town in the boonies! Pretty awesomesauce if you ask me!...anyhoo..

Then we went and ate at cheeseburger and yummmm...the first red meat I have had in 3 weeks! It was delish! not to mention a super yummy slice of pineapple to finish it off!

We also watched some street performers and these guys put on a good show and they were really funny!..sorry these videos are sideways...woops!

And thats been my week! It was a goooood one!!...only 2 more left.. waaah!

But I miss you guys!!...lets all just move here! ya? ok!


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