Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day #10- you change your mind...

Like a girl changes clothes!! this is going to be about as interesting as the what I ate today post but here you have it folks! What I wore today!...I honestly change my clothes at least 3 times a day here! Kind of ridic I know but you'd do it too trust me!

 Here is my around the house before the beach look...when i hit the beach i am left with my super comfy black kini!...but no one needs to see that lets be honest!
 Then once it gets gloomy outside...I go for a run so heres that outfit! a knee brace!..dont you love my sneaks?...oh and my muscles..
And then here is my lounging outfit for the night! bedding eh?

Also I picked this flower today and put it in water and then all the sudden I looked at it tonight and....
Apparently flowers need to sleep too?...I'll keep you updated on this weird can't be dead already!..can it?

Happy Tuesday all...hope it rocked!


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