Sunday, February 6, 2011

day #3-The two lovelies that raised this mess!!

Now I'm not sure at all what its like to be a good parent but I DO know what its like to have the best parents in the world!! I strongly believe that we are sent to our parents for a become the people we are meant to and to be brought up to our greatest potential!..Also I don't think any other parents could have handled me!!

I love this picture its SO funny!! (they really do like each other..and me..i think!) =)

These are two of my best friends
The kind that don't ever leave you when you need them the most
The kind that hug you till you stop crying
The kind that make you laugh till stuff comes out your nose
The kind that tell you like it is...even if you don't want to hear it
The kind that stand behind you at all costs

I would never be able to make it through anything without these two.
Dad makes my fav cinnamon buns
Mom makes the best fried rice to ever exist
Dad shares my love of outdoors
Mom shares my love of creativity

I love and miss you both ....butt loads!!


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