Thursday, February 3, 2011


So...I caved!.. Im blogging..I've tried to put it off but it just seems like a good idea right about now!
Not that this will be very interesting or that anyone will even follow this! BUT I just decided that I might be more dedicated to this than a journal. So here I go!..I want to make sure I remember this year! Because I have a feeling its going to be a gooder! Maybe because 2010 sucked royally! Come on you all know it did!...Or maybe its just because I'm more motivated to make everything in my life A LOT better this year! Or maybe its the fact that Im starting this year out in my favorite place in the entire world?..Who knows!..Either way I want to make sure I remember it! Because let me tell you my friends it's going to be a year not to be forgotten! For those of you who know me..this is all completely out of character coming from the girl who always says "have low expectations that way you are less disappointed when things dont work out OR you are greatly surprised when they do!"..I am completely changing my way of thinking because that way hasn't gotten me so far!..So this year I am not taking the easy way..I'm working my butt of to get what I want AND I am not taking NO for an answer!
Anyways besides recording all the awesomesauce from this year I will be starting out with a little something something I stole from my friend Beckys blog..shout out to ma sista! .. Its 30 days worth of topics to blog about!..exciting no? Well I figure that way if there is nothing exciting going on at least I'll have something to blog about!..and for anyone following this at will get a nice little sneak peak into my heart and soul! And that my friends will start tomorrow...OR the next time I have a spare moment from basking in the sun all day ;) Catcha Later


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  1. first follower..holla! lol. i'm happy that you've started blogging! i can stalk you via blogger and facebook now.


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