Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!.../day#11- the sibs!

Soooo my days are off...I haven't been keeping up! so I'll do two today of course! And since day 11 is about the wonderous siblings that put up with me I thought I would do an awkward and awesome day for Linds (since sydney didn't do one this week ;) ).


finishing off an entire pint of ben and jerrys choco brownie ice cream ALL by myself in 3 days! Yup I gained 20 pounds instantly!

watching a toddle scratch his head with his lollipop..and then proceeding to scream bloody murder while trying to rip it out of his hair... its one of those moments where you want to run in slow motion and scream "Nooooooooo" and knock it out of his hand....but alas you can't do anything.. sad day!

watching some "larger" gentleman get royally taken out by a HUGE wave...bursting out laughing...then realizing his wife is staring at you...

I lost my shirt...the beach must have ate it? or the ocean? who knows but its gone!...weird! (i had a swimsuit on underneath people don't worry!)

being told I look like a surfer chick for the second time...thank you? that a compliment!?


eating a tuna burger that straight up rocked my world!

Laying on the beach for at least 50% of the day! cha ching!

not having to do my hair or makeup since I got glorious!

talking to Poppy on the telly! =)

the bag I bought online...its for school so its totally legit!..and I love it!..don't judge me

Having the AC and a fan on ..laying on my shorts and a T...while you guys are bundled up with the fireplace on...muaaahaha...kidding that was rude...but it is pretty awesome!

banana apples!  

Anywhooo here is another video for ya'll! hope you enjoy it!

Do I really ever have to leave this place?...not for long...not for long...deep breath!!

Oh siblings are THE one has sibs like mine!

Chris-  has been the nicest brother to me since day 1...honestly... usually you hear the horror stories of bigger brothers being so mean and beating you up and all the bad was definitely the other way around...I gave this poor kid a run for his money for our whole child hood! But gosh do I just love him!I look up to him in so many different ways! You have never met someone with such patience but at the same time he is SO stubborn! He is also a freakin genius! I can listen to him talk and talk and talk and usually I never know what hes actually talking about! But it is so fun to just hear all his knowledge! He is very competitive and cannot handle losing! I used to pick playing "SORRY" at FHE when we were younger cause it was the ONLY game he sucked at! He has often been my go to guy for advice and comfort and we have kept each others secrets A LOT! I am so proud of the man he is today...seriously you couldn't meet a guy as nice and genuine as him anywhere! me I've tried..they don't exist! He is strong and amazing and at times has been the rock to hold our family together. He can put his emotions aside until he makes sure everyone else is ok! But then watch out!!...kidding!.. Anyways I just adore this guy! And miss him tons when we can't hang out! I love you kissy..haha..he hates that! ;)

Linds- ok this girl rocks! She is such an example to me in everything! And she has been there for me thru A LOT!...theres often been times where I haven't had anyone to go to and talk to but her! We have sushi dates often and they are my favorite times we have spent together! Last time we sat and talked for hours and pretty sure they wanted to kick us out of the restaurant!
She is amazingly strong and caring! And seriously hilarious! Definitely the best sister I could ever ask for in my life! We have so much fun together....and we've cried together lots too! I couldn't have gotten through this last year without her being there for me! And...she thinks I'm funny..which is weird but I appreciate it a lot!!..You da best girl and I miss you a whole bunch!...sushi date in just a couple weeks? I think so!!

 Linds we need more pics of us together...i have none on my comp and I couldnt get my fav one off facebook...stupid facebook..but you look cute here and your hair is stinkin long!!

You guys are so prec! =)


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