Friday, February 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

awkward  (ˈɔːkwəd)

— adj

4.embarrassing: an awkward moment

Sunburnt eyelids...most likely to turn out more tan than the rest of my face..and seriously hard to cover up!!

White shirts in extreme rain storms.. can you say classy?

eating french fries while walking home and having a super fit girl run passed me...oh excuse me..let me move my chubby fried food eating butt out of your way so you can get more ripped...

Shirts that are longer than my shorts...i promise I'm wearing pants...ahh who cares!

forgetting to zoom out when taking a self portrait...always happens to me!!

not washing my hair for 3 days...ok my gross than awkward...but also kind of awesome?

only taking pictures when I wear the same swim suit...I have a million but I donno what happens!


[aw-suhm] –adjective
inspiring awean awesome sight.
showing or characterized by awe.
Slang very impressive: That new white convertible istotally awesome

how fantastically sunny it has been all week even though the forcast called for rain!..a-w-e-some!

Scrumdidillyumptious grapefruit!...I seriously can't get enough!

The brand new pint of rocky road icecream in my freezer!... I will make it last a whole week this time!

Eating french fries..soo good...I haven't had anything potato in a month!! Not ok!

Hawaii rainstorms and night! ..... I already love rain and thunder and lightning but there is something about the storms out here that makes them extra fantastic!

Eating an entire package of grapes for lunch... and I mean brand new package!..mmm

Swimming with the fishies today! Used to freak me right out but you know what? Its kind of great!

Having a dance marathon while cleaning my apartment...rules are you cant stop moving while the songs playing..then you have like a 2 second break in between songs! Its surprisingly not bad cardio..especially once you catch yourself just dancing around and not cleaning at all!...maybe this shoulda been in the awkward catagory?. I think its awesome!

The kid at the beach with steps in his hair.. such a cutie!

Being in bed just chilling since around 730!

Fresh shaved legs + lotion.. nuff said!

ok picture time!

 The great little pool area at the beach!
 hangin out in the water!
 the fishies in the pool!!
 nuff said!
 example of forgetting to zoom out..

my exact set up every day!

Goodnight all!! I miss you tons!! 1 week to go!


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