Tuesday, February 8, 2011

awesome blogger + awesome giveaway= awesomesauce!

 Ok I seriously don't know why that last post is wiggin out and going all white and weird...but I for real do not have the patience to try and fix it...i already tried..no idea!


So there's this FANTASTIC fashion blogger (she also blogs about life and love with her wonderful hubby!) They give me hope friends...A friend showed me her blog when I was having one of those days when you need a pick me up!(it worked!) And well well well today was one of those days too and here you have it my friends the pick me up!
She does these giveaways and this one really caught my eye! I was drooling over it just the other day! I neeeed a fashionable camera bag...plus you can totally use it for other necessities like school stuff and lipgloss and whatever else...I mean really the real question is what COULDN'T you use this bag for!

Well enough blabbing here's the beauty itself!

You can check out THEIT on facebook here http://www.facebook.com/pages/THEIT/105562529475349

So check it out and enjoy!

And you can check out Sydney here!....


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