Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Sunday!.../day#17..

Day # 17- Favorite memory-

Sooo well I am incredibly OFF on my days and blogging! I just got so crazy busy...after all this weekend was my last one here! ahh!..dang it.. This is going to be so bittersweet!.. I just skyped with Chris and Linds and it made me wicked home sick and excited to see my fam and all you people I love!...then I went outside and..hmm..yah its sooooo nice out!! My brain is so confused as to whether to be excited or bummed! Because honestly I feel like this last month will be one of my best/favorite memories I will have in my life! I have had so many blessings in my life in the last month! This experience is something I will remember forever and has given me a lot of answers for my life and I have had a lot of prayers answered as well! I know that my Father in Heaven loves me and is here for me whenever I need him. I have never felt this or known this more than I do through this wonderful experience. Yet another favorite memory of mine has to be the time I spent with my family before I came out here!...I love remembering playing games with them hearing everyone laugh and just hanging out and eating great food! ...I love them all SO freaking much!!....Oh well four weeks and I'll be back OR should I say I'll be back in paradise and my fam will be with thats the ultimate blessing!!... so I think I can handle it!!

Anywhoo its Sunday! So happy wonderful sabbath! ... I honestly just love Sundays! Church was really good today! I went with a few girls I know from back home! They are real sweethearts and a lot of fun to hang out with! They do church a little different in their ward, they start out with relief society then sunday school and then sacrament meeting! But it was a really good experience!

This song is one that I love to listen to on Sundays...It helps me to feel the spirit and reminds me that when I need my Father in Heaven he will listen to me and comfort me in any time of need... Enjoy!

Also here are some pictas to update ya'll on life here!

 classic scrunchy nose squinty eyes but look how tan I am...yaaaahooo!
 craaazy beach hair!.. my head started hurting from wearing my hair up all the time!
 See all those people on that rock?...Ya I jumped off big deal!
 So the boys buried me and hayley in the sand...
 Kind of a really weird you cant breathe and can feel your pulse all over your body lol..
 I donno if you can tell but im COVERED in sand!..awesome
 So this is a place to go snorkeling called sharks cove....
 they went exploring and I didnt have gear and so graciously declined when they offered me some lol...i dont love snorkeling..

And I found this awesome rock shaped like a reclining chair and had a nap! great!

Well more week!!

Have a happy Monday! you all!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

awkward  (ˈɔːkwəd)

— adj

4.embarrassing: an awkward moment

Sunburnt eyelids...most likely to turn out more tan than the rest of my face..and seriously hard to cover up!!

White shirts in extreme rain storms.. can you say classy?

eating french fries while walking home and having a super fit girl run passed me...oh excuse me..let me move my chubby fried food eating butt out of your way so you can get more ripped...

Shirts that are longer than my shorts...i promise I'm wearing pants...ahh who cares!

forgetting to zoom out when taking a self portrait...always happens to me!!

not washing my hair for 3 days...ok my gross than awkward...but also kind of awesome?

only taking pictures when I wear the same swim suit...I have a million but I donno what happens!


[aw-suhm] –adjective
inspiring awean awesome sight.
showing or characterized by awe.
Slang very impressive: That new white convertible istotally awesome

how fantastically sunny it has been all week even though the forcast called for rain!..a-w-e-some!

Scrumdidillyumptious grapefruit!...I seriously can't get enough!

The brand new pint of rocky road icecream in my freezer!... I will make it last a whole week this time!

Eating french fries..soo good...I haven't had anything potato in a month!! Not ok!

Hawaii rainstorms and night! ..... I already love rain and thunder and lightning but there is something about the storms out here that makes them extra fantastic!

Eating an entire package of grapes for lunch... and I mean brand new package!..mmm

Swimming with the fishies today! Used to freak me right out but you know what? Its kind of great!

Having a dance marathon while cleaning my apartment...rules are you cant stop moving while the songs playing..then you have like a 2 second break in between songs! Its surprisingly not bad cardio..especially once you catch yourself just dancing around and not cleaning at all!...maybe this shoulda been in the awkward catagory?. I think its awesome!

The kid at the beach with steps in his hair.. such a cutie!

Being in bed just chilling since around 730!

Fresh shaved legs + lotion.. nuff said!

ok picture time!

 The great little pool area at the beach!
 hangin out in the water!
 the fishies in the pool!!
 nuff said!
 example of forgetting to zoom out..

my exact set up every day!

Goodnight all!! I miss you tons!! 1 week to go!


Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well friends I just thought that I would update you on the goings on here with me! Nothing super exciting!...lots of sun sun sun and then today I took the bus to honolulu where I ended up missing my stop and then having to run in the pouring rain to the mall! I got SOAKED!! and then on the way home ya it was freaking pouring rain so again SOAKED!! for all you people who have been still should be cause I love the rain and its still really warm sooo sorry nothing is worse than freezing cold ice falling from the sky!!...hope you are all staying bundled up and toasty warm! I will be joining you by the fireplace in 1 week 1 day!..oh geez...this can't be real!!

 yay for bathroom pictures...right?...k well I was just trying to dry of as best I could with some paper towel! The ONE time I want one of those warm blowy hand dryers ya they dont have one! who had the bright idea to wear a white shirt?...garsh!
 They had a Farmers Market in the mall!...So fun!
 They had tons of fresh fruit and yummy baking and loads of things to try!
Then I went and got a yummy yummy hocho and a food network magazine!
It was actually kind of a fantastic time!

Well Happy wednesday everyone! ( it still is for me!) Almost the weekend again! You can dooo iiit!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day #16- This kiss, This kiss..

My first kiss...
Alright lets set the whole scene here so you guys can get the full effect!
You know those tube things at the park that you crawl thru? Ok well it was on top of one of those..calm down I was in grade 1..ya thats right I was 6!...he seriously snuck it right on me!..Ok anyways SO his name was michael and I have nooo idea where he is at today but we were sitting on top of one of those tube things during recess and all the sudden he said my name and I looked at him and he kissed me!..and I jumped off the tube ran into the girls washroom and cried! haha...I knew I should have been playing soccer instead..dang it!!

Alright well thats literally my very first kiss but I guess my first kiss that actually meant something was a lot later on in life! My first kiss where I really wanted the guy to kiss me so bad and I cared about this guy a lot... I was almost 16. He was my very best friend! And we went for a walk and during the whole walk I thought he was going to kiss me and then he never did.... then he had to drive me home and when I went to get out of the car he grabbed my hand and pulled me back in and kissed me!...This time I walked into the house on cloud 9 with the biggest smile on my face!...definitely no tears!

And that was the last time I had a first kiss that wasn't the most awkward moment of my life where I try to avoid it as long as possible and make a HUGE fool of myself in the process! one friend alaya actually calls it the "lauren cooper"... oh well!!

I hope everyone has had awesome first kiss memories! If you care to share leave a comment! =)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day #15- Dream a little dream of me...

Dreams are the foundation for goals, goals are the foundation for living up to your true potential!

So this is kind of a huge topic to blog about in my opinion! Sooo many things to dream about and look forward to in life! I'll just share a few of my dreams/goals!

I dream of traveling... there is soooo much to see out there! What a shame to miss out on all of the beauty!

I dream of one day living in this paradise!...I don't know how to explain what it does to me! But I honestly feel so happy and just myself here its incredible! And to have little beach bum babies would be so fantastic!

I dream of being the best wife possible to a husband who just loves and adores me for who I am just like I will love and adore him for everything he is! I dream of being in love for all eternity to someone incredible in my eyes and being that cute old couple you see walking down the street hand in hand...does that not just make your heart melt when you see that?! If have no emotion because wow...its amazing to me!

I dream of having my own little cakies one day ( thats what hawaiians call kids!) And I dream of being a really great mom...I love kids so much and I can't wait to experience that love that every mother describes. It'll be the best days of my life!

I dream of being able to do photography not only as a hobby that I love but as something that I can share with others and bring them some happiness through it too!

I dream of changing someones life for the better...and I mean actually making a difference!...I donno what I can do...even if its a habitat for humanity project or working in an orphanage...but anything! I just want to make a difference!

I dream of just being the best possible person I can be!...Daughter, sister, friend, wife, mom! And I know that achieving my dreams/goals will help me do that!!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day #13...My week be like..

Sooo you all are probably starting to wonder if I ever learned how to count properly....I knoow my days aren't in order again but I donno thats just how it worked out! long as they are all there then I figure its all good..mmmk? ok

So my week has had its ups and downs...mostly ups now that I look back on it and the fact that its ending on a pretty fantastic note! Mostly I did what I usually do... the beach, exercising and just relaxing. Nothing to overly exciting! But none the less fantastic! And then the weekend was busy!..I actually had to be places at a certain time and it was WEIRD!...

So Friday I went to this HUMUNGOUS mall that took like an hour and a half bus ride to get there but friends its seriously worth it! This place is massive and awesome and its call Ala Moana.

So it has all the HIGH end stores like..

 This is just a pic of the mall...doesn't do it justice..

 two stories of Mr. Louis..ahh

And theen...what do I do?..I go to Forever XXI and buy a dress for $12.00. All those poor suckas and that go to those other stores and spend what equals one of my pay checks to buy a dress when they could just follow me!!...If only they knew what they were missing out on!!...Yes I am just trying to make myself feel better...but still!

Then after a looong bus ride home and being pretty motion sicknessy..ick... I watched the movie 500 days of summer, which I've been trying to watch for SO long and glad I finally did...its pretty great! Not exactly what I expected but I adore Zooey Deschanel!

Saturday was buuusy... I woke up bright and early to go volunteer at a childrens school fundraiser which was pretty fun! I blew up balloons all morning and then got to sell them to all the little ones! I love kids soooo much! They make everything fun and happy!...I even gave one away for free...shh don't tell! But this little girl was SOOOOOO stinkin cute I couldn't handle it!..Don't worry I put my own money in the jar to make up for it!

After I was done my shift there I had a really great nap and then went and caught the bus again down to Waikiki and went swimming and walked around and checked a bunch of stuff out! It was so fun and cool to see it at night time!

Alright how many of you thinking I have some explaining to do?...Well this statue is pretty great dontcha think? It's a statue of the guy who invented surfing!! so neat! Ooooh you meant about the real live guy in the picture?...ok well he goes to BYU.. I met him on thursday and it was pretty awkward and awesome so he didn't really fit into that post.. So ya he's been showin me all the fun stuff and taking me on adventures outside my little town in the boonies! Pretty awesomesauce if you ask me!...anyhoo..

Then we went and ate at cheeseburger and yummmm...the first red meat I have had in 3 weeks! It was delish! not to mention a super yummy slice of pineapple to finish it off!

We also watched some street performers and these guys put on a good show and they were really funny!..sorry these videos are sideways...woops!

And thats been my week! It was a goooood one!!...only 2 more left.. waaah!

But I miss you guys!!...lets all just move here! ya? ok!


Be still my soul

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone's sabbath is going as good as mine!

I just got back from church and I am SO glad I went!
The speakers did amazing and it was kind of like 2 of them were speaking straight to me! Funny how that works isn't it? One sister spoke on forgiveness and another spoke about the plans for our lives being on the Lord's time not ours and how to be patient and faithful.

Then we also sang my most favorite hymn which is be still my soul. This hymn has given me so much comfort in the past and I often read it during sacrament after an especially hard week.

It was no nice to be able to feel the spirit even in a different place on earth! It's comforting to know that no matter where you go you will be able to feel the spirit in the church!

Well since I've miss a couple days you all are gonna have a lot to catch up on today! Aren't you lucky?! well day #14 is what I wore today..again...i know I said I'd skip it but you can see my church outfit! woo!

Happy Sunday...enjoy and relax!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

day #12...boring!

I can't handle these what you ate today and what you wore today' is whats in your bag day!...Sorry peeps hang in there with me!...the next one of these im skipping!...doesn't mean I fail the challenge ok?

My bag.. sunscreen, lipchap with sunscreen, iPhone(for music), beach towel, empty bottle of water, book No one can take your place, highlighter, magazines and some garbage(not surprising.. throwing stuff in the trash is sooo time consuming!)

Well there you have it friends...interesting wasn't it?! blah I'm going back to bed now!

Its the weekend tomorrow kids dontcha know? ENJOY!! I mean it!!!


Awkward and Awesome!.../day#11- the sibs!

Soooo my days are off...I haven't been keeping up! so I'll do two today of course! And since day 11 is about the wonderous siblings that put up with me I thought I would do an awkward and awesome day for Linds (since sydney didn't do one this week ;) ).


finishing off an entire pint of ben and jerrys choco brownie ice cream ALL by myself in 3 days! Yup I gained 20 pounds instantly!

watching a toddle scratch his head with his lollipop..and then proceeding to scream bloody murder while trying to rip it out of his hair... its one of those moments where you want to run in slow motion and scream "Nooooooooo" and knock it out of his hand....but alas you can't do anything.. sad day!

watching some "larger" gentleman get royally taken out by a HUGE wave...bursting out laughing...then realizing his wife is staring at you...

I lost my shirt...the beach must have ate it? or the ocean? who knows but its gone!...weird! (i had a swimsuit on underneath people don't worry!)

being told I look like a surfer chick for the second time...thank you? that a compliment!?


eating a tuna burger that straight up rocked my world!

Laying on the beach for at least 50% of the day! cha ching!

not having to do my hair or makeup since I got glorious!

talking to Poppy on the telly! =)

the bag I bought online...its for school so its totally legit!..and I love it!..don't judge me

Having the AC and a fan on ..laying on my shorts and a T...while you guys are bundled up with the fireplace on...muaaahaha...kidding that was rude...but it is pretty awesome!

banana apples!  

Anywhooo here is another video for ya'll! hope you enjoy it!

Do I really ever have to leave this place?...not for long...not for long...deep breath!!

Oh siblings are THE one has sibs like mine!

Chris-  has been the nicest brother to me since day 1...honestly... usually you hear the horror stories of bigger brothers being so mean and beating you up and all the bad was definitely the other way around...I gave this poor kid a run for his money for our whole child hood! But gosh do I just love him!I look up to him in so many different ways! You have never met someone with such patience but at the same time he is SO stubborn! He is also a freakin genius! I can listen to him talk and talk and talk and usually I never know what hes actually talking about! But it is so fun to just hear all his knowledge! He is very competitive and cannot handle losing! I used to pick playing "SORRY" at FHE when we were younger cause it was the ONLY game he sucked at! He has often been my go to guy for advice and comfort and we have kept each others secrets A LOT! I am so proud of the man he is today...seriously you couldn't meet a guy as nice and genuine as him anywhere! me I've tried..they don't exist! He is strong and amazing and at times has been the rock to hold our family together. He can put his emotions aside until he makes sure everyone else is ok! But then watch out!!...kidding!.. Anyways I just adore this guy! And miss him tons when we can't hang out! I love you kissy..haha..he hates that! ;)

Linds- ok this girl rocks! She is such an example to me in everything! And she has been there for me thru A LOT!...theres often been times where I haven't had anyone to go to and talk to but her! We have sushi dates often and they are my favorite times we have spent together! Last time we sat and talked for hours and pretty sure they wanted to kick us out of the restaurant!
She is amazingly strong and caring! And seriously hilarious! Definitely the best sister I could ever ask for in my life! We have so much fun together....and we've cried together lots too! I couldn't have gotten through this last year without her being there for me! And...she thinks I'm funny..which is weird but I appreciate it a lot!!..You da best girl and I miss you a whole bunch!...sushi date in just a couple weeks? I think so!!

 Linds we need more pics of us together...i have none on my comp and I couldnt get my fav one off facebook...stupid facebook..but you look cute here and your hair is stinkin long!!

You guys are so prec! =)


Luck be on my side...please?!

Another give away by the fantastic here goes another blog about it because I hope to win at least one of these!...remember the bag? Fabulous!...and these shoes are so cute!...they would be so versatile and add such a cute touch to so many different kinds of outfits! They would be awesome for the rest of winter and also for spring! love love! Plus Blowfish doesn't ship to Canada so it would be wonderful to win them and be able to have them once I move to Idaho in April! Well enough talking wanna see these beauties! you go!

you can check out blowfish here... 
or their Facebook page..

Hope everyone got over hump day! day closer to the weekend! 


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day #10- you change your mind...

Like a girl changes clothes!! this is going to be about as interesting as the what I ate today post but here you have it folks! What I wore today!...I honestly change my clothes at least 3 times a day here! Kind of ridic I know but you'd do it too trust me!

 Here is my around the house before the beach look...when i hit the beach i am left with my super comfy black kini!...but no one needs to see that lets be honest!
 Then once it gets gloomy outside...I go for a run so heres that outfit! a knee brace!..dont you love my sneaks?...oh and my muscles..
And then here is my lounging outfit for the night! bedding eh?

Also I picked this flower today and put it in water and then all the sudden I looked at it tonight and....
Apparently flowers need to sleep too?...I'll keep you updated on this weird can't be dead already!..can it?

Happy Tuesday all...hope it rocked!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some one call the doctor....

You've got a case of the bipolar!!....ok I can't stand people that are hot and then cold...chose dang it! Be hot or be cold because I for real do not have the time patience or energy to try and figure you out!..mmk?...Greeeeat!

Ok enough ranting ahh that felt great!!

I hope all you little love birds got to celebrate tonight or already did on the weekend! And to all you singles I hope you celebrated in your own way! Like I did!...

 Yummy yummy yummy fish taco salad! ok really its sooo good! and little healthier than fish tacos?

 I have a secret admirer!
 ok it was my mom!. =)
 apples grapes and a banana apple(yum) and some ben and jerrys choco brownie icecream! can you say delic?..delish? you know what im sayin! mmmmmm
And some bachelor while talking to my momma!!...thanks for being my valentine this year mom! You rock!

Seriously who says you need a guy to have a good valentines day? NOT THIS GIRL! my day rocked!

Hope all yours did too!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! =)


Monday, February 14, 2011

This place...

Is lucky its to dang b-e-a-utiful or else I'd be kind of ticked about the rain we've been having!!
I thought I would share it with you!!

Ok and also...I know this is kind of gross because its a picture in a bathroom which for some reason automatically seems taboo or something!...But really this is funny and I know my parents will appreciate it! ...I've been holding myself back from sharing but I can't anymore!!...Think of all the times you run out of toilet paper ...ya this...cut that experience down by a lot! =)

ok I think its a towel rack? but seriously how convenient is that?!

love ya'll!!!