Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Motherhood In the Making

Hudson: Romper c /o Rad Revolution Kids// Moccasins c /o: Freshly Picked
Me: Dress c /o Jane// Bracelet c /o: Color by Amber// Shoes Roolee

"You will never understand just how much I love you until you have a child of your own." 

I can't even count how many times I remember my own mother saying that to me growing up. She would say it when we fought, when we laughed, when we cried, she would say it all of the time. 
Now that I do have a baby all my own I understand what she meant and why she said those words to me. 

I understand the love it takes to sacrifice so many of your own needs so that your baby can be taken care of. I know the feeling of having your heart physically hurt when your baby hurts. I know just how your heart beams with pride watching your baby learn and grow. I know the feeling of having tears well up in your eyes when your baby is asleep in your arms. I know just how very much my mother loves me and has loved me all of these years, because now I have those same undeniable feelings for Hudson.

Being a mother is hard in a lot of ways. There are days where my eyes are so heavy and my heart even heavier. Those days are few and in between are filled with days of magic, of smiles, giggles, cuddles and so much joy! I can wish the sleepless nights away or simply realize that there is not a restful night of sleep anywhere in my near future. I know that even now my own mom loses sleep worrying about us kids. So instead I want to cherish every sweet moment I have with him in my arms knowing I would rather lose sleep holding him and snuggling him than lose sleep for reasons that my mom has. I know those nights will come where I will be up worrying if he is safe, wondering why he isn't home for curfew, or knowing he is facing a trial and praying hard for help. The future of being H's mama can be daunting but I know that because of this unconditional love that I have inside my heart for him it will all be worth it. 

I still have so much to learn and there will be so many more experiences where I think to myself "My mom was right. I never knew how much she loves me until now." There will be so so many more times where I call her and thank her for her sacrifices as I continue to do the same for my own child. Being a mama is a continual growing experience. One that I will be eternally thankful for.

I love being a mother. I love being HUDSON'S mama. I could not ask for a better calling in life and no words can begin to express the gratitude and joy I feel that I have been blessed with his sweet soul.  

Happy Mother's Day coming up, to ALL women out there. Whether you have a sweet child to hold in your arms or not, you are special and you are loved and appreciated by so many!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On the Go Accessories

Photos: Anchored Image
Stroller c /o: Nuna// Diaper bag c /o: Fawn Design// Wooden toys c /o: Otherware & Little Sapling Toys// Teething necklace c /o: Chewable Charm// Nursing cover c /o: Copper Pearl// Play mat c /o: Gathre

With the weather finally warming up, you will find us outside every chance we get! Getting out of the house with a baby is a lot different than getting out on your own. There is so much to think about and pack up and make sure you have for all of your adventures big and small. So here is a list of my must have on the go accessories!

1. A reliable and awesome stroller. As much as I LOVE to wear Hudson, sometimes we have way too much stuff to bring with us and so a great stroller really helps us with that! The Nuna Tavo is great! It's perfect for helping Hudson sit up and look around at everything and then it is also perfect for if he starts to fall asleep because it lays ALL the way flat and the hood covers all the way down. Making for a dark and cozy place to rest his little eyes. There is also a good sized storage bin under neath where we like to keep blankets, our play mat, books, snacks, etc. A good stroller is a must!

2. A diaper bag/backpack. Having a diaper bag that can be a back pack is a serious must. It helps keep your hands and arms free to move around, push a stroller or hold a baby. It is perfect! We love our Fawn Design bag because it can be a back pack or a messenger bag. We also love it because you can seriously fit your whole life into this thing with room to spare! I am always amazed at just how much room is in this thing!

3. Teething toys and jewelry. Having stuff to keep Hudson occupied and busy is definitely something we have to plan for when we head out! This kid is a busy bee and so we make sure to pack lots of toys and of course things he can chew on…because he will. I almost always head out the door with chewable jewelry on and I definitely always have a few wooden toys in the diaper bag. We love the wooden options because they are safe annnnd adorable! After Hudson had a reaction to a plastic toy I did a lot of research and ended up deciding to just stock up on fun more safe options!

4. A nursing cover. All you nursing mama's know that a full coverage cover is a must have! Now that Hudson is older and REFUSES to nurse under a cover (makes things interesting while we are out. Oh well!) we use our cover for different things like a shopping cart cover, highchair cover at restaurants or a blanket while we are outdoors! These covers have so many different uses!

5. A easy to clean play mat. No that Hudson has started to eat some solids (some..not a lot..) and we are doing baby led weaning, he LOVES to make a mess! So our Gathre play mat is perfect! It is easy to wipe down and I don't worry about making a mess on it like I would with a cute blanket. It is perfect for any and all outdoor activities! It will be joining us on all our Summer time picnics!

Well there you have it! My list of must have on the go accessories that will make all of your adventures more easy going and enjoyable!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Baby on the Go = Mom on the Go

Hudson: Jumper c /o: June and January// Bib c /o: Copper Pearl// Moccs c /o: Freshly Picked// Tag toy c /o: Munchkin Lane Boutique// Teether c /o: OtherWare
Myself: Top & Shoes c /o: Jane

Hudson is really starting to be go-go-go allll of the time! This kid does not sit still! He is starting to become more mobile on his own, rolling over and over again from one end of the room to the other. If he's not able to do it on his own he wants your help, like standing up! We are not quite sure when the whole crawling thing will happen since he HATES being on his stomach still…except to sleep…figure that one out. I cherish every moment that he will snuggle me quietly and just be still. Those moments growing fewer and farther between. Where is my baby going?! It's a pity they grow so fast.

With such an active baby, my mom-a-form has got to be just as active and easy to move around in. However, it still needs to be cute! It also needs to be able to get dirty without me freaking out about it haha. The perfect site for this kind of outfit is definitely Jane. It is an awesome daily deals site! With options from clothes for mom, baby, kids, and even home decor and more! 

So if you've got an active babe on your hands too and you need a versatile wardrobe that still makes you feel stylish…or you are just in to daily deals (who isn't!?) Go check out Jane!


Friday, March 25, 2016

The Joy of Easter

play mat c /o: Gathre// teething toys c /o: Otherware// tag toy c /o: Munchkin Lane Boutique
on hudson- green lounge pants c /o: June and January// Bow tie and suspenders c /o: Sweet N Swag// moccasins c /o: Freshly Picked
on me- dress :Roolee// shoes: similar// hat: similar

When you think of Easter what do you think of? A bunny? Jelly beans? Maybe some chocolate? Easter is kind of like Christmas in that way, where the real meaning can get kind of lost in all the madness. Now, as a new mom, I know exactly how exciting it can be to get your children treats and toys and watch their faces light up with joy!! However, I also want Hudson's face to light up with joy as we teach him about his older brother and our Savior. I want him to know that #Becauseof Him we are together as a family for all eternity. Because of Him, we will see our sweet baby C again. Because of Him any pain we suffer here is not for nothing and we are never alone in it. Most importantly to me… #BecauseofHim I have my sweet baby boy and I have the opportunity to be a mother on this Earth. 

I want Hudson to never feel alone. To always know that he has a mama who loves him, a dad dad that loves him, SO many people who love and support him. However, I know that there will be times in his life where he faces disappointment or even sorrow and he will feel alone. I find comfort in knowing that in those times, he will have someone else he can turn to in confidence and with complete trust. And that is all Because of Him…. #Hallelujah 

To find out more about the true meaning of Easter head over HERE. 

Have a wonderful and happy Easter!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Teething Tips and Tricks

Photography : Jill Collier Photography
Teething necklace & toy c /o: Chewable Charm
Hudson's romper : Avenue G Kids // beanie : Beau Hudson

You guuuuuuys. Teething is NO joke. No one is laughing about it over here. Hudson already has his two bottom centrals and is now working on his two top ones. Poor baby. Poor mommy. It is not fun business. So today I am sharing with you my best tips for teething that have worked so far for little H.

1. Teething toys and jewelry. EVERYTHING goes into Hudson's mouth these days. He even had an allergic reaction to a cheap plastic toy and when that happened I knew I needed to find some awesome and safe options for our little teething monster. He is also always chewing on my shoulder or my clothes when I am holding him. So this chewable jewelry is awesome too! H will play with it while he is nursing which is great to keep him focused on the task at hand and not on everything else surrounding him. This teether and necklace pictured above are BPA free and safe for baby to chew away on! Which is exactly what your little one needs!

2. Hylands teething tablets. They will be your VERY best friend when those little teeth are starting to make their way up and out. You can find them at target in the baby section OR HERE. Hudson doesn't take a bottle so we just went our finger and rub one or two onto his gums where they are bothering him. This helps so so much when Hudson is struggling to fall asleep. I always feel better about this option than loading him up with tylenol.

3. Alright, so I just started my journey with essential oils and holy smokes you guys this stuff honestly is making all the difference in our home right now. Their is a Young Living essential oil called Copaiba that has really been helping Hudson through his teething the last few nights. We have also been diffusing certain calming oils to help him with his sleep. If you want to learn more about this feel free to contact me with questions!

4. Frozen breastmilk pops ( or frozen fruit pops ) I had a friend suggest this to me and it is genius!! You can just freeze in an ice cube tray and then put that in a wash cloth for them to chew on or in one of those mesh chew bags.

5. LOADS and LOADS of snuggles and loves. I know how exhausting it can be to have to keep getting up with your baby in the night, or rock your little one to sleep again for the millionth time. It is so taxing. We have had it rough the last few weeks with teething, vaccinations and colds and it has not been pretty over here. But what always makes me feel better when I am feeling crummy is hugs and cuddles and comforting words and so that exactly what I have been doing for Hudson. 

Teething will pass and you will make it through! (No you will not die from lack of sleep…and yes I did actually ask my husband if I  would.) haha. You will all make it through and then you will get the cutest and funniest little toothy grin from your sweet little babe as a HUGE thank you for helping them through. Then…a few weeks later it will all start over again.

It's a real good thing they are so darn cute.

Happy everyone…!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Baby Wearing: How To Wrap

I have received a few messages and read a few comments having people ask HOW to use a baby wrap. It can be confusing and there is A LOT of fabric to mess around with so I totally get it! The first time I used a wrap Hudson was about a week old. I had to wrap that thing over and over until I finally got it! Now it only takes a few seconds to wrap it up and have Hudson comfy inside. Practice makes perfect! SO I have decided to do a post with step by step photos and instructions. Hopefully this can help! Like I said just try and try and try again. You won't regret it because this is SO SO cozy for mama and for baby. Hudson STILL loves being in his wrap at six months old. Here we go!

 Step #1: Center the fabric along your belly making sure there are even amounts hanging down on either side of you and begin to wrap it across your belly.
 Step #2: bring the pieces of fabric along and up your back in a criss cross.
 It should look like this.
 Step #3: Bring the fabric up and over your shoulders criss crossing again over your chest and tuck the underneath piece in first and then the over top piece in second.

 It should look like this!
 Step #4: Fan the fabric out along your back and shoulders and then fan out the fabric strip across your belly.
 Step #5: Then take any extra fabric and wrap it around your waist and hips as many times as is comfortable.
 It should end up looking like this!
 Step #6: Scoop up your sweet babe and hold them up against you. You are going to take the underneath piece of fabric and slip your babies leg into it. Then wrap it around their cute little tooth.
 Step #7: Do the same on the opposite side with the other piece of shoulder fabric.
 Step #8: This step is where your baby attacks you with sweet kisses because they love being so close to you!
 Step #9: Now take the piece of fabric from step #1 and bring it up over your babies bum and back. Hudson likes to have his arms out if he is awake and when he falls asleep I simply tuck his little arms into the should strap fabric and his little head in and he is safe a secure to sleep.
Step #10: Wear that baby like a rock star!! I have been asked so many times if wearing Hudson hurts my back. Surprisingly the fabric takes ALL of his weight and I am never left sore at all. Another fun tip is to attach a binki or a teething toy to your wrap! It helps them have their comfort object close or also something to play with! 

And…. That's a wrap! ;)


Baby Wrap c /o: Happy Baby Wrap// H's Pants c /o:Fancy Frogz// H's Moccs c /o: Freshly Picked// 
Teething Toy c /o: Otherware