Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - For Yourself!

Shampoo and conditioner set c /o: Function of Beauty

Holiday season is among us and Christmas is right around the corner. So I'm going to kick off my Holiday gift guide with a gift for yourself! We all do it...don't pretend you don't! 

As women we always deserve a little bit of pampering and when I think of pampering I think of my hair! It never gets all of the love and attention it needs. I've been on the search for an amazing shampoo and conditioner combo that works for my hair and that I also feel good about using when it comes to ingredients. Function of Beauty is sulfate free, paraben free, cruelty free and free of toxins. They even scent their products with essential oils! Heart eyes for days over here with this stuff! 

My hair went through a bit of a detoxing when I switched from my previous shampoo to using natural and toxin free shampoos. It was a greasy nasty mess. BUT now, my hair has never ever been healthier or stayed clean for longer. I can go way longer without washing my hair now then I used to...which is a serious mom win if you ask me.

So hey, why not treat yourself before you get out there and start treating everyone else?! 

Use THIS LINK for $5 off your order! Hop to it!


Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Transition From Baby To Toddler

Moccasins c/o: Freshly Picked
Bomber jacket c /o: The Red Closet Shop

Did the month of October fly by for anyone else?! I'm not super happy about it because it was such a fun month full of Autumn festivities like pumpkin patches all day every day! Hudson loved to run to each pumpkin and give them kisses and little love taps. He has even learned how to say pumpkin! (It comes out more like "pumpinnnn") Either way, October has come and gone and here we are three days in to November. November can be a great month too right? Even though it most likely means the beginning of the dreaded snow. However, it is also the month of thanks so it does have that going for it. (If you're reading this from the great white north of Canada, I apologize that November has nothing to offer you...except hey you can start celebrating Christmas right this minute because you don't have another holiday standing in your way!...So wait.. November rocks for you too!)

Anyways, I'm not here to talk about how cool or sucky all the months of the year are. I'm actually here today to talk about the fact that my sweet baby Hudson seems to officially have made the transition to a toddler. Or he's still making that the temper tantrums stop once they are official toddlers? Please say yes. ( I know the answer is no).

As soon as Hudson could finally walk without toppling over every few steps we realized he is a toddler. I remember the moment pretty vividly. Hubs and I sitting on the couch just watching H walk back and forth from us to the built in cabinet to pull one diaper out at a time and throw it on the floor saying "ohhhhh" each time. Hubs looked at me and said "we have a toddler" I could almost see the fear in his eyes and hear a tremble in his voice. ha. Those scary toddlers.

The transition has been a little overwhelming. All of the sudden H throws the most random tantrums about who knows what. Literally though... who knows?! Then he just stops mid tantrum and says something that makes him happy like  "ball""boon(balloon) "sun" "touch down" etc. and he returns to his happy little self. *insert bug eye emoji* because what the heck just happened!
It's also overwhelming because he has let go of the whole hand holding stage of life. Literally let go. He won't let you help him do anything. Which has resulted in so many bumps, bruises and scrapes. Oh my little adventure boy. I'm going to have a stroke by this kids second birthday.

Some things that have helped us with this transition are:

1. Teaching Hudson how to sign. He knows a ton of verbal words which is amazing too and so helpful but having him sign has been a life saver. Sometimes when he is upset, I can't understand the words he is trying to speak but when he can sign them to me instead I know better how to help him. You can start signing with babies as early as you want to and it might surprise how young they can start signing back! Even simple ones like milk, more, and all done are so helpful for them to learn to communicate their needs. This lessens the melt downs for sure!

2. Freshly Picked Moccasins. These soft sole shoes are so great for the transition from crawling to walking. They stay on their feet and give them great mobility to move and they give great traction and grip for their little feet! For Hudson these shoes have been the best since day one but they have been even better now that he is walking and running. Plus we need good quality now that the shoes are really getting worn in. Freshly Picked is the best of the best when it comes to quality that's for sure!

3. Patience. SO MUCH PATIENCE. I am constantly reminding myself that the transition from baby to toddler is extremely hard on Hudson too. He is learning how to figure out different emotions and to express them. He is trying so hard to communicate what is on his mind. He has a lot of wants and needs and to him they are all needs so I am doing my best to help him figure it all out. Honestly, this kid has so much patience for me too.

The transition from baby to toddler can be hard on everyone but at the end of the day we just soak up the snuggles and kisses and know we can try again tomorrow.

What do you find helps you and your baby when it comes to this transition in life?!


Monday, October 31, 2016

First Star To The Right...

This time of year is SO magical with a little one in our family! Hudson loves adventure and being outdoors so visiting all of the fun pumpkin patches has been the best. However, I think planning these costumes, making Hudson's, and getting all dressed up has been the highlight of my October. H makes the most perfect little Peter Pan and I'm actually sad I won't be able to just dress him up in this outfit every dang day just so I can watch him run around in it! Come to think of it....maybe I will...why not right? haha. Oh this boy!

Happy Halloween to all of you! I hope you get to have the most fun dressing up and devouring mounds of treats! 


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Seasonal Wish List with The Baby Cubby!

H's outfit and book c /o: The Baby Cubby

One of my favorite things when it comes to the change in season, is of course the must have lists I get to make! Now that I have H, I think I love making his must have lists more than I enjoy making mine! 
I also love to shop small! We have SO many amazing companies that are local here in Utah that we cannot get enough of and Hudson's list is always filled with them.
The baby cubby here in Lindon carries products from all of these local companies. Making it easy for us to one stop shop for what we need and want! 
At The Baby Cubby they make it easy to transition from each wish list you will have for your little ones. From before baby arrives when you need all of the essentials like a carseat, stroller, baby monitor, diaper bag, stroller, bedding, and more. To when baby is fresh and new and you need things like soothers, swaddles, and the cutest ever newborn clothes and sleepers. Then comes the toddler stage which we have found ourselves upon this season!! We were able to shop at The Baby Cubby recently to cross a few things off of our list.

1. Hudson's cute hello romper! This romper suits his personality perfectly! He is always walking around days "Hi,hi,hi" to everyone he sees.
2. The coziest beanie ( we also got the CUTEST hat from the same company)
3. This Dracula Book which is perfect for Halloween time. 

Simply put, we love shopping at The Baby Cubby because we feel comfortable there, it's fun, and the products they carry are the best of the best! When asked why their shop is different and why they choose to do things differently this is what they have to say... 

"The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. Our Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there, we know what it’s like and we are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing they are and how important their role is.  
The way we do that is by finding the best and safest baby gear and providing it to parents in a fun shopping experience where we do things like test strollers on our stroller track, price match everyday - even amazon, offer free shipping nationwide and actively engage with parents via social media and our cubby community blog to discuss some of those hard topics of parenting."

If you live here in Utah and can take a trip to the store you definitely need to! If you live elsewhere then you need to make The Baby Cubby one of your musts for online shopping! They make it easy and of course offer free shipping on orders over $49. 

Do you love making wish lists for the new seasons ahead?! I'm already making our winter/ Christmas wish lists! Woo hoo!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to get the best night sleep possible!

king size mattress c /o: Tuft and Needle
cactus pillow c /o: Le Mouton Sucre
tops c /o: SweeTees
diapers and wipes c /o: Parasol Co.

A good nights sleep. Isn't that something we all crave!? Sometimes it just doesn't come that easy though! Especially for parents of young children. I'll be honest that I definitely have not had enough sleep in the past year and sometimes it really takes its toll. Consistently not getting enough sleep can have an extremely negative effect on ones body, spirit and mind.

I know that as a mom I don't always have the luxury of going to bed when I want, sleeping as long as I want and waking up when I want. My little alarm clock wakes me several times and when its time to get up for the day I am greeted with plenty of "mamas" and slobbery kisses. 

Even if we can't always control our surroundings or circumstances to get a great nights sleep, I realized that there are a few things we as a family can do to get the best nights rest possible! So here are our tips!

Tip #1- A good mattress, okay a GREAT mattress can make all of the difference. I have had horrible back pain since I was pregnant with H and it only got worse after I gave birth. Sometimes I was in such awful pain that I couldn't even pick him up. I went to physical therapy and to the chiropractor which both helped but not enough. Every morning I woke up feeling three times my age. Since sleeping on our Tuft and Needle mattress for two months now, I kid you not, my back pain is gone. I no longer wake up with aches and pains and I go about my day with my busy toddler with ease!

Tip #2 - We have a great night time routine in place for little H. A nightly routine helps him so much when it comes to knowing that its time for sleep. We also make sure that the bed and surroundings are a familiar place. Hudson has a "bubby" (stuffed bunny) that always stays in the bed. We don't take bunny out unless we are traveling and then bunny stays in the bed where we are staying. This helps Hudson be excited to go to bed and see his "bubby" whom he adores! He also has his blanket that is with him every night and nap too. 

Tip #3 - My nightly routine is also similar every single night and it helps my body and mind to unwind and relax. Recently I have been trying to avoid technology before bed. Which can be really hard when during the day I don't have the time to watch my shows or peruse social media. However, I find that on nights that I avoid any technology before bed, I fall asleep MUCH faster. Falling asleep fast is important for me because Hudson does still wake up in the night and I need to catch all the precious minutes that I can!

Tip #4 - Being organized and prepared. Beside our bed I keep plenty of diapers and wipes for Hudson. He doesn't usually need a diaper change in the night however sometimes the unfortunate happens and we end up with a midnight diaper change. There is nothing worse than a crying baby while you run around trying to find a fresh diaper and new jammies. When we were using another safe and non toxic brand of diapers, Hudson was peeing through his pjs almost every night. UGH! I was getting so frustrated. When we started using Parasol diapers the night time wetting stopped! These diapers are the most absorbent we have ever used and any friend who has tried them agrees too! Not only are they super absorbent but we feel good about the products and ingredients that are used to make them. If you want to give these diapers a try too, use code LOVELO for 20% off your first order. You will not regret it but you will be hooked!

Tip #5 - Essential oils. I know, I know, you are wondering if they really work. Well, simply put, they do. I have a daily oil routine for myself and for Hudson but our night time oil routine is imperative to whether we sleep well or not. I have a night time linen spray with lavender and stress away that I spray for naps and bedtime, a roller that I rub on Hudson's chest and feet with an oil called gentle baby and I diffuse a mixture of peace and calming and lavender throughout the night. We all sleep a thousand times better when we help our bodies calm down with essential oils. If you have any questions about oils or how to get your family started, feel free to email me so we can chat more about it! ( lo(at) )

I know that for us we all have a better day when we have had the best sleep possible the night before! It all starts with the right mattress so go check out Tuft and Needle because it truly is the best mattress around! Plus, what could be better than a mattress that arrives in a box at your doorstep! The only thing I can think a GREAT nights sleep! 


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nursing after ONE.

Photography: Roxana B Photography
Tank and Tee c /o: Deck and Oar

**Disclaimer: This post is for the breastfeeding mama's out there. It is not meant in anyway to shame any mother of any child. If you have chosen to not breastfeed that is a ok. If you have chosen to wean your baby after a year, wow you did an amazing thing for an entire year! If you are a pumping mother, I am beyond proud of you because pumping is hard work and very time consuming….because of that I have only done it four times ever, so I seriously applaud you. I actually applaud all mama's who are doing what is best for their babes! This is what I feel is best for Hudson, so this is our story!**

When Hudson and I first started our nursing journey I wasn't sure how long we would have a nursing relationship for. However, what was most important to me was making it ONE full year. I wanted to skip out on formula all together, save money, and beyond anything else, I so badly just wanted this nursing relationship and journey to keep going! During our first year I was asked many times "When are you going to stop nursing and give him a bottle?" Or "Don't you think its time for a bottle?" Also "Oh he has teeth now so time to stop nursing." With every comment I grew more and more confused. Why would we stop nursing??? So we didn't.

We made it one whole year! We definitely had our struggles, we had bumps, I had times where I told my husband with tears streaming down my face "I don't know if I can keep doing this but I don't want to give up." However, those hard times seemed to pass almost as quickly as they came and now here we are with no end near in sight. So now the questions are coming again..."He's a year old so why are you still nursing?", "Can't he just have cows milk now?" "When are you going to wean?"

I am grateful every day for our quiet moments together. Hudson always stares at me while we cuddle and he nurses and I love to touch his soft face and fluffy hair. I want to soak in every moment like this that we have because I don't know when it will be the last time.

For those who are wondering what the benefits are of nursing passed ONE year here are a few!

Nutritionally, breast milk in the second year provides 29% of energy requirement, 43% of protein requirements, 36% of calcium, 75% of vitamin A, 76% of folate, 94% of B12, and 60% of vitamin C requirements. Isn't that amazing!? I know that a common misconception is that after a year or even earlier, that breastmilk has no nutritional value. Well, that is simply not true!

How does breastfeeding benefit mom? The more consecutive months you nurse your child, the lower your risk of breast and ovarian cancers. Isn't that amazing?! Like we are talking in the ninety percentile if you nurse your baby after a year and more. This also adds up the more children you have and nurse for a certain amount of time. I find this fact to be so incredible. Nursing Hudson is not only benefiting him so much but it's also benefiting me and my own body.

Last but not absolutely not least. Hudson simply is no where near ready to wean from nursing. I know the day will come when he will be. I don't know if that will be next week, next month or in 6 months. I know my heart will break just a little when that last nursing session comes but I know it will be the right time for both of us. Right now nursing is not only how Hudson gets a lot of nutrients and protection it is also is main source of comfort. For me, I believe, it is best to wean when Hudson is ready to self wean and I can follow his lead.

So if you are a nursing mama and you are wondering if weaning at ONE has to happen then the answer is no! If you and your baby want to continue your nursing journey then nurse on mama, nurse on.


Friday, August 26, 2016


teepee c /o: From the Avenue // mint mat c /o: Gathre// diapers c /o: Parasol// striped bloomers c /o: Archer and Antlers// adventure tee: http://The Wild Kids Apparel

Well my sweet baby H is officially an entire year old! The saying time flies when you're having fun is sure an understatement but the only way to describe the past year of our lives. This year has been amazing, emotional, hard, exhausting, happy, joyful, tear-filled, and full of laughter! Becoming a mother has made me feel so many emotions that I honestly didn't even know existed. There is the kind of joy that makes your entire chest swell with happiness and pride. Then there is this kind of sadness that can make your heart physically ache for the well being of your precious child. Parenthood is truly a miraculous thing. 

Hudson has changed SO much in the first year of his life. It really is unfair just how short of a time they actually are a tiny baby. 

H says SO SO many words that he surprises us with new ones almost daily! He can say "hiiii, bye, mama, dada, papa, night-night, light, what dat?, dance-dance, hot, happy, soft and yay!" 

He signs milk, tree, wind and all done. He is crawling so fast and taking steps while holding on to us with one hand.

He loves to climb, explore, give kisses and hugs, play silly games we've made up, dance-dance, listen to music, get into mischief, snuggle mama, read books and always play/be outside.

Hudson really has the funniest little personality. He is outgoing yet timid, playful but cuddly, full of laughter but quick to cry, he knows when he's being funny and gets a huge kick out of making people laugh. He is so sweet and tender and kind but knows when its rough housing time (dada time). 

There is so much to say about our Hudson boy but this mama heart doesn't know just how to put it all into words. All I can really say is that this boy is SO loved and this year has been the craziest and best adventure I have ever been on! I cannot wait to continue watching this cherished boy continue to learn and grow right before me eyes. 

Below is a video we decided to do instead of family pictures! It is so fun to be able to see Hudson's little personality shine through in this video and it is something we will cherish for ever and ever. 

Hudson's First Birthday from Ariel Hamilton on Vimeo.