Monday, October 20, 2014

Perfect Fall Bundle.

 Cargo Jacket: Pink Blush// Scarf: Shop Strands// Tee: Madewell

I am always in search of new basic staple pieces for each season. This jacket, scarf, and tee are just right! This scarf is the Zara look alike, but from what I've been told it's actually its superior. It's the perfect size and so cozy. I want to wear it with everything! It goes perfectly with this Navy cargo jacket! Also, if you are as much of a lover of a comfy tee like I am then you need this one and now its on sale! Bonus! 

As for life lately…I am currently trying to win the battle over a nasty cold. I have to say, I am NOT a good sick person. I am just so sad that my body would betray me and make me feel blah. So I'm basically just a sad sap all day long feeling bad for myself. Haha. So bring on the Netflix, Hulu, and tea. You will not win this war head cold. You will not.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Piece by Piece by Piece

Tee: Everlane// Leggings: Pink Blush// Watch: Feral Watches// Hat: Pacsun// 
Plaid Shirt: Hubby's closet 

*I am going to walk you through this outfit piece by piece because you deserve to know the amazingness that is each item.*

First off, these leggings. Leggings are a hard find. Good, quality leggings anyways. These ones are just the right amount of thickness and softness. Also, they have a zipper on the side legs that adds a nice touch to show off when you want! Get them. You'll live in them.

Secondly, this t-shirt. Have you ever tried something on and just knew you two were meant to be? That was me and this t-shirt. I plan to own it in every colour and I am already half way there. I also plan to own every item sold by Everlane at some point in my life. I adore them. Good quality, decent prices, and great basics. Adore.

Third, this watch. I have always wanted to be a watch person but I'm picky when it comes to accessories. This watch though. I can't get enough of it. That is all.

Fourth, the hat. It's grey, its awesome, I love it. Enough said. So let's move on the that plaid shirt. Can I tell you that being married has it's perks. Not your obvious perks I'm talking about either. It's that your own wardrobe seems to multiply because all the sudden men's wear isn't just for men. So yah. There's that. 

I love this outfit because every piece in it is brought together to really define my style. I love comfy, love casual, love classy, love chic, love grey, I love fashion! I love the way putting different items on can make me feel. I love that separately I adore each and every one of these pieces and for different reasons. I love that when I bring them all together in to one outfit, I simply feel like me.

What outfit or pieces make you, you?

Happy almost weekend. I honestly can't keep my days straight and had to look at what day it is. I'm tired…


Monday, October 13, 2014

Being Canadian in the USA.

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday. It's been really hard for me to be away from my family lately. Especially when a holiday rolls around and they are all together...minus me. It stinks. However, sometimes you just have to make the best of things and convince your friends to celebrate another countries holiday. If you include good food, I mean, it doesn't take that much convincing. 

It was perfect. I made a ton of decorations, made yummy yummy food, invited our most favorite peeps, they also brought delicious food, and I took zero pictures. Which husband literally told me was "a blogger epic fail." Thanks hunny. But really, in my mind...the best parties, the happiest moments, they don't show up in pictures. Simply because you are too busy enjoying the food, enjoying the company, and too busy laughing to even think of picking that phone up and taking a picture. So, blogger epic fail? Yup. Totally. Good friend/hostess/ happy person being distracted from homesickness? Total. Complete. Epic. Pass with flying colours. 

I couldn't be a more lucky person. I am so blessed with family who facetimed with me to teach me how to make brussel sprouts, tell me I'm awesome, and remind me they miss me and love me. I am SO blessed with friends who are really my Utah family. Who help me when I am in need. Most times when I don't even need to ask for it. I am so so blessed with amazing opportunities in this life. I am blessed with an amazing husband who gives me highfives and tells me I throw amazing dinner parties, and who humours me with telling me my crafting obsessions look amazing. I am blessed and I am thankful. 

Cheers to all my Canadian loves. I haven't forgotten about you. And yes, a toque is still a toque...even if I call it a beanie.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Get Thick Beautiful Lashes with Younique

I've always wanted to do the whole false lashes thing! Thick, long, beautiful lashes with NO effort. What girl doesn't want those! Seems to that its guys that always get those lashes naturally and how unfair is that. They don't even care! 

Anyways, after too many friends having all of their lashes fall out and look like creepy aliens until they grow back…I've been terrified of fake lashes. So regular mascara lashes it is. NOW, I do have some awesome mascara that I love. Full n' Soft is hands down the best drug store mascara you will ever spend seven dollars on. But if you can do better, you do better right? So when the opportunity came to try out Younique 3D Fiber Mascara I jumped on it.

Here is a how to step by step annnnd the results that give you the whole thick, long, beautiful lashes without the side effect of zero lashes alien face afterwards! Cheers to that!

Step 1: Do your makeup in a tree house…kidding..but it is fun...Curl Lashes. My favourite eyelash curler is just a simple one from Revlon. It is awesome.

Step 2: Cover lashes in your favourite regular mascara. Mine is Full n' Soft from Maybelline. Let mascara dry fully.

Step 3: Apply Transplanting Gel.

Step 4: Immediately after the gel you want to apply Younique Natural Fibers. 

Step 5: Enjoy your beautiful thick stand out lashes! Then contact Kamarie for your very own at kamo215(at)hotmail(dot)com 

Now happiest of weekends my lovelies.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mid Week Giveaway!

"Lo, you are an outfit repeater." I'm guilty. Actually I took these pics at the same time as my last post soooo hush and just focus on the fact that this giveaway is awesome. You can check out Jennifer Ahern Art HERE. This is one of my most favourite pieces of art I own. It goes perfectly with my fashion/crafting/clothes room decor and also with my free spirit attitude. It's the best.
Jennifer loves to create watercolors & finer art painting of nature, animals and much more! She has everything from realistic pieces to beautiful imaginative abstracts. Her work is amazing and I know you'll love it just as much as I do! So make sure you visit her site and then enter below for a chance to choose your very own 9x12 piece for your home. 

Oh and happy middle of the week. You got this.


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Friday, October 3, 2014

Beanie Season. Fist Bump.

Tee: Clad and Cloth// BFF necklace: Fifth & Mae // Beanie: Ariel(similar)

Truth? I'm really tired this week. I feel like the moments where I get to sit and just be have been few and far between. I relish the moments like right now where I am writing to you from my ever so cozy freshly washed bed sheets, while a delicious candle lights up the room, and acoustic tunes fill my ears and soul. It's been one of those weeks where my soul is aching and for no particular reason than I haven't paid it much attention. That soul of mine, it's just so darn needy sometimes. 

So I think I will wear a beanie all weekend and go roast something over an open flame. That sounds perfect to me. Thank heavens for beanie season and the most comfortable tee I have ever slipped myself into. For real this tee has been worn more days than not and I don't even care! It's cozy and comforting and well that's just what I've been needing. So if you are in that sort of need to…go grab this tee while you still can. Your entire being will thank you for it.

Oh. And hey, happy weekend.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Friends who juice cleanse together...

*There are many ways to cleanse your body and to juice cleanse. I am reviewing and informing you of just my experience with one and all experiences are my own!* I also kept this VERY honest as I want you to be well informed of my experience. Always take into consideration your own bodies limits or illnesses* 

One time I watched this documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and insert wide terrified eyes emoji right here. It was the most eye opening thing I have ever watched and ever since that day I've been wanting to do a juice cleanse.  So, after years of trying to get up the guts to do a juice cleanse, lots of research, and convincing a friend to join in on the fun, it finally happened. This body was cleansed via juice.

Benefits of juicing- I know most people are probably thinking that juice cleansing is a great way to lose weight. That would be true if you were the people in that documentary who were morbidly obese and juice fasted for 60+ days. However for most this is about getting your body back on track and giving it every benefit to a fresh start. Cleansing is a way to get rid of all the toxins that just naturally build up from your day to day life. It is also a way to give your body a break from working so hard to digest and filter all of the meals we eat in a day. The juice is full of nutrients that your body needs and actually craves every day. It will soak it all up and be so grateful for it.

Now first off let me tell you how crucial I think it is to have someone to do a cleanse with. Texts were sent on the hour of which juice we were drinking, whether we liked it or not, how often we were excusing ourselves to the bathroom (it takes a real bestie to talk of such things), and what kind of foods we were craving. When either of us wanted to break down the other was there to say "NOOOOOOOOO!" It may have only been three days…but that was a long ace three days right there.

So let me break it down for you. (We chose a 3 day cleanse.)
Daily drinking schedule- Wake up drink a milk first which helps get your energy boosted, then you drink a juice every 2 hours. Between the hours your are drinking a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and errmm regular.. :) 

Day 1- Started off with a seriously delicious chocolate coconut milk. This made me happy and hopeful. The day continued on with one juice every two hours with one bottle of water in between. Now you know why the excessive bathroom breaks. Anywho. Day one was easy peasy until someone happened to bring home fries and I shed a literal tear. That was when the "Nooooo!" text came in handy and I downed another delicious milk.

Day 2- Juicing at work proved to be a bit more of a challenge but I still felt great. Then 9PM rolled around and I was pretty sure I was going to pass out/ up chuck. There was a serious pain in my guts and I had the chills. I shot a text to our wonderful juice girl Dani who was so helpful and she gave me tips on what to do and how I could munch on some veggies without needing to feel guilty. So I slept it off (it was a rough night) and I felt better in the AM.

Day 3- I decided to go the route that Dani had suggested and drink the juice through out the day with some added solids (being an apple and a carrot). No more gut ache. We finished off strong toasting off our last juice together at a fashion show. Whilst craving a tuna sandwich though….a tuna sandwich of all the things to crave. That right there shows you that juicing makes your body want things that are beneficial. 

So all in all it was an informative experience. It taught me more about my body than I even thought it would. Although I loved every juice that was provided and felt great Day 1-2 and after, I think I would stick to a one day cleanse from now on. With my ongoing battle with severe low iron and I don't think my body could quite handle trying to battle that mixed with trying to detox. I won't lie that I was a little disappointed in myself for not having the results I wanted. But lesson learned that listening to your body is the most important thing you can do. I love being healthy. I also love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I love fresh pressed juice…some might even say I have an obsession but I dislike gut aches. Life is all about balance. Honestly though I am so happy I went ahead and did this and I know my body thanks me also. The best part of this juice cleanse was having a juice buddy. Ariel kept me sane through out the whole 3 days. Plus it was just entertaining to see how we were both feeling and dealing with the situation. I am prettttty proud of us! To find out Ariel's personal experience check it out HERE.

If you want some amazing juice, Dani Strong is where it's at. She makes the juice right out of her home and she does an amazing job. She is so so easy and fun to work with. Also, she is so willing to answer questions and help a girl out! (or guy…you guys should do this too!)  You can find Dani on instagram at @DANI_STRONG and check out her list of juices HERE. You can call or text her to put in your order at 801-473-8612. Just make sure you tell her Lauren sent you and she will take great care of you! 

Now go get your juice on. Do it. Now.