Monday, August 22, 2016

Hudson's birthday week! - A letter to my boy

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Dear Hudson, 

You are turning ONE this week. It's YOUR birthday week! Any mother will understand when I say that this year has been the slowest yet the fastest one of my life! There were days that I wished away, wanting you to be older so you would cry less or sleep more. However, once I realized the days were slipping through my fingers and you were growing far quicker than my mama heart could handle, I was determined to stop time....or at least make it slow down by soaking in every moment. I've tried my hardest to be present, be here now, be in the moment completely. To smile through tired eyes at 4 AM while you nursed in my arms. To kiss your fluffy little head every second of every day. To watch you mind grow just as fast as your little body. 
We have gone through a lot together this first year of your life and it's amazing just how much you have changed in such a short period of time.  I've watched your very first smile, heard your very first giggle and then belly laugh, saw you roll over for the first time, sit up for the first time, try your first food, learn to crawl, learn to talk, say mama for the first time, and so much more. How grateful I am to be able to continue to watch you learn and grow even more.
While watching you grow it's equally amazing how much I have grown too. This calling as your mother has helped me become the person I have always wanted to and do things that I never thought I could accomplish! You make me fearless because of the example I want to so badly be for you.
Three hundred and sixty-five days with you and you have changed me for the better in so many many ways my dear sweet boy... I can't imagine how far each of us will come watching you grow over the next several years. I cannot wait to find out!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Being a Mom + A mama PSA

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Hudson - romper c /o: June and January// hat c /o: Little Sun Hat

I just had to hop on this (neglected) blog of mine and let all my mama friends, expecting mamas, friends of mama friends, etc. know about an awesome sale going on right now for my most favourite mama must have!! The baby wrap!! Our friends over at From The Avenue are excited to be opening their shop really soon, right now they are selling their awesome wraps though on Amazon for get this….$13.99. You guys, I have never ever seen a baby wrap for this awesome of a price. They come in three great neutral colours too. You could seriously get all 3 for this price and still not be paying as much as you would else where! It's crazy! So hop on over HERE and check it out! Baby wearing items are NUMBER 1 on my mommy must have list! 
Hudson STILL loves to be worn, in fact I put him in a wrap last night while I was tidying up the house and getting dinner ready. Best investment ever to keep baby close, happy and involved in their surroundings! 
We love to use our baby carriers while we are outside so that Hudson just touch and see everything! This kid is happiest when he gets to be outside learning with his eyes, ears and hands. His favourite thing right now is to point at stuff and have us tell him what it is or what sound something might make.
Sigh….Summer should last forever right?!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer sunshine time! 


Friday, July 1, 2016

The Best Long Weekend Ever

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We will be spending this warm long weekend celebrating THREE things! Canada Day, Indepence Day AND my 27th Birthday! Wait…I'm turning TWENTY SEVEN!? Ah! Honestly, I had to ask my husband if that was actually correct haha. 

Canada has always been one of my favourite days to celebrate! We would always go to the parade, sometimes ride in the parade, have a BBQ, go for hikes, just spend lots of fun with our family and friends. Such a fun day! Oh and of course fireworks. Now that I live in the US and have a little family of my own, I still want to celebrate this day. It's a part of who I am and also a part of who Hudson is! So as we raise our little family we will make this day just as special as if we were in Canada to celebrate it! 

Independence Day is so fun here in the US! There is so so much to do and so many fun memories to make! I'm excited to continue celebrating this Holiday as a family as well. We will take any extra days with Daddy off of work! Bring on more parades, candy, food and fun!

My birthday…well where do I begin… This passed year has been the most amazing in SO many ways. It has also brought the most growth for me. Becoming a mom at twenty six helped me in a lot of different ways to find myself. It made me figure out my priorities, helped me figure out my strengths AND my weaknesses, it has made me ME. Is that weird to find yourself at twenty six? Odd that becoming a mom pushed me to become exactly who I have always been meant to be? I really have grown to LOVE myself during my twenty sixth year of life. I have found more patience than I ever thought possible, figured out who I want to be as a parent, I have also figured out more than ever who I am as an individual. By that I mean that I found my own passions and have followed them without hesitation and I am really proud of that. Most importantly though, this year, I have grown in SO MUCH LOVE. I feel more love for myself and for those around me than I have ever felt before. Honestly, twenty-six has been my favourite year yet! So I can't wait to see what twenty-seven has in store!

I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend, spent with family and friends and making the best memories! Thank you for sharing along in my little journey over here!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to Fit in that Exercise Time

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Before Hudson was born I was a yoga addict! I had punch passes at yoga studios (yes plural) and also did yoga at home. I remember the first time I signed up for a class with my sister and thought to myself "okay this is going to be relaxing and so easy"….ummm I was so wrong! I remember leaving that class a sweaty mess and knowing that the next day I was going to be S.O.R.E. However, I was instantly obsessed. I looked forward to every class knowing that I was going to push my body even more, stretch it to its limits and them some and tone all of the muscles I honestly didn't even know existed. Since that first class I never stopped doing yoga!

Once H baby was born it took me a little while to get back into the swing of things. Recovering from a cesarean birth is HARD you guys. Just going from laying to sitting to standing was such a process and I mean when you have to ask your hubby to put your undies on for you, you probably shouldn't be doing down ward dog any time soon. 

When I started to feel better I started doing yoga at home while Hudson napped and that way I could take things nice and easy and go at my own pace. Now that Hudson is older and I find that he's SO active during the day, I have a lot of other things to do during nap time. Or I just want to take a darn nap myself! haha. I also thought to myself when trying to figure out where to fit in my exercise time… "why not fit my exercise time in WITH Hudson?!" 

So that's what we do!! Not only does it challenge me more with a 20 lb babe attached to me! It helps Hudson boy to grow up with a good influence on being active! One of the main things my Husband and I agree on, is wanting our children to WANT to be active! Whether its yoga, baseball, dance, soccer, track…whatever it might be, I believe it's so important for them to be active. Hudson already loves to go for big walks, go swimming and do mommy and me yoga! Plus it's fun for me to do these things with him too and watch him learn and grow!

So next time you are wondering just where in the world you can fit in your exercise time with kids running around… try to think about how you can get them involved too! There might even be mommy and me classes near you to try!

Oh and if you are into yoga and you like to get your yoga on outside and want to protect your beloved mat… check out this kickstarter for an AWESOME product to do just that! HERE


Friday, June 3, 2016

Routine vs. Schedule

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Hudson's sleep sack and cozy blanket c /o: Bebe Au Lait
Adventure sign c /o: Urban Alpine

I've never been a schedule kind of person. Fairly soon after having Hudson join our family, I realized he is definitely not a schedule kind of person either! I feel like all you hear before you have a baby is "schedule, schedule, schedule!!!!!!" So my brain was doing backflips trying to figure out why the heck I could not get this baby on a schedule. Ugh!! 

Once I let the idea of the perfect schedule fly right out the dang window, motherhood became so much more enjoyable and so did Hudson. I started to realize that much like me Hudson is more into routine than a set schedule. I also realized how much more relaxed I was when instead of thinking H should be tired, I learned how to follow his lead and learn his cues for when he actually is tired. Then I learned the routine that worked best for him and once we had that in place he now will go to sleep like a dream! I also learned that instead of thinking "oh my gosh I just nursed you! You can't possible be hungry." I follow his cues and if he needs to nurse he nurses. Whether it is 2 hours or 10 minutes. A baby can tell you exactly what they need and when they need it if you just learn to listen! 

Aside from life being a whole lot easier and going much much smoother, having a routine instead of a set schedule has made Hudson a very easy going and flexible baby. When we are home and are able to have the same daily routine he follows it nearly seamlessly but when we are out and about and mix things up in our routine he doesn't make a fuss! He is simply happy until we can get home and start up our nap or bed time routine.

This is exactly what works best for our family and for Hudson! We love to go and do and be out and about and we are not about schedules! This way of parenting and way of letting Hudson grow up has made our day to day SO much easier and much more enjoyable! 

Here's a little peak into a regular day for us:

8:30/9 AM- Hudson delightfully wakes up and either babbles away until I open my eyes, puts both chubby hands on either side of my face and "kisses" my face all over, or he rolls around and then toots directly in my directions. It's lovely. Really truly the best wake up call. ( Yes we plan to transition him into his own bed soon but thats another topic for another day!)

9-9:20ish AM- Hudson nurses and I sing him a song. He likes to take his sweet time during this nursing session. I LOVE it!!

9:30-10:30/11 AM- We make our way out of bed and into the living room where I put on some music, put Hudson on the floor to play toys and then I get to making breakfast. We eat breakfast on the floor because we have no kitchen table and chairs (oy!) Then we spent an awful long amount of time reading an enormous stack of books. I'll throw in a load of laundry or do some other chore and then Hudson will throw out a yawn and an eye rub and we are off to the races!

11 AM- 12:30/1 PM- Our nap routine goes as follows… 1. Diaper change 2. Sleep sac 3. Story 4. Sound machine on, sleepy time oils applied 5. Nurse 6…Sleeeeeeep zzzzzzz. This is when I get my blogging/work stuff done, make meal plans, write to do lists, shower, get myself ready or maybe catch up on a show.

1PM-3:30/4 PM- Hudson calls out "maaaaamaaaaa" and I go scoop up my little munchkin with a million kisses and then we nurse. Usually the quickest because he wants to play play play! This is when we either meet friends for lunch, go on a play date, or head out to run errands. If we do none of the above mentioned then we head outside with some lunch and go for a BIG walk. 

4PM-5/5:30PM- Second nap time (following same routine) This is where I prep for dinner or fold laundry or organize the house or do yoga while I watch Ellen.

5:30PM- 7:30PM - Once Hudson wakes up we nurse and then head out to the kitchen to cook until Dad gets home! We eat dinner all together and then head outside for a big ol' walk if it's nice out!

7:30PM- 8:30PM - Bath tiiiiime! We have a little fish on our hands who has always loved bath time. Since I am still exclusively nursing (H has taken a bottle once in his lifetime haha) bath time is bonding time for Hudson and "dadad" and they have so much fun! After Hudson's bath we lotion, apply sleepy time oils, put jammies on, brush our teeth and read a story! Then we say family prayers and its cuddle time and nursing time.

8:30PM - 9:30ish PM- If Hudson doesn't fall asleep nursing before this then we will lay in bed and do finger puppets on the roof, sing songs, just cuddle and play in the bed orrrrr we go play with daddy until the eye rubs and yawns come out. However, Hudson is usually in bed and asleep no later than 9:30 or so.

This routine that we have going on works wonders for us and wonders for my stress levels. We don't stress over bed time or nursing schedules…we simply go off of what Hudson needs and when he needs it. It really just flows for us!! The days where we can stick to our routine go fairly easily and the days where we can't, always go better than expected!

I guess what I am tryyyying to say is…do what works best for your baby! Maybe they need a schedule and do great with that but maybe it's too much pressure for you both and you are more go with the flow kind of people. A baby's life isn't one size fits all! So the best thing I have learned to do is to learn and read Hudson's cues and forget the should be's and must be's. It has made our life more full of joy and fun times!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Motherhood In the Making

Hudson: Romper c /o Rad Revolution Kids// Moccasins c /o: Freshly Picked
Me: Dress c /o Jane// Bracelet c /o: Color by Amber// Shoes Roolee

"You will never understand just how much I love you until you have a child of your own." 

I can't even count how many times I remember my own mother saying that to me growing up. She would say it when we fought, when we laughed, when we cried, she would say it all of the time. 
Now that I do have a baby all my own I understand what she meant and why she said those words to me. 

I understand the love it takes to sacrifice so many of your own needs so that your baby can be taken care of. I know the feeling of having your heart physically hurt when your baby hurts. I know just how your heart beams with pride watching your baby learn and grow. I know the feeling of having tears well up in your eyes when your baby is asleep in your arms. I know just how very much my mother loves me and has loved me all of these years, because now I have those same undeniable feelings for Hudson.

Being a mother is hard in a lot of ways. There are days where my eyes are so heavy and my heart even heavier. Those days are few and in between are filled with days of magic, of smiles, giggles, cuddles and so much joy! I can wish the sleepless nights away or simply realize that there is not a restful night of sleep anywhere in my near future. I know that even now my own mom loses sleep worrying about us kids. So instead I want to cherish every sweet moment I have with him in my arms knowing I would rather lose sleep holding him and snuggling him than lose sleep for reasons that my mom has. I know those nights will come where I will be up worrying if he is safe, wondering why he isn't home for curfew, or knowing he is facing a trial and praying hard for help. The future of being H's mama can be daunting but I know that because of this unconditional love that I have inside my heart for him it will all be worth it. 

I still have so much to learn and there will be so many more experiences where I think to myself "My mom was right. I never knew how much she loves me until now." There will be so so many more times where I call her and thank her for her sacrifices as I continue to do the same for my own child. Being a mama is a continual growing experience. One that I will be eternally thankful for.

I love being a mother. I love being HUDSON'S mama. I could not ask for a better calling in life and no words can begin to express the gratitude and joy I feel that I have been blessed with his sweet soul.  

Happy Mother's Day coming up, to ALL women out there. Whether you have a sweet child to hold in your arms or not, you are special and you are loved and appreciated by so many!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On the Go Accessories

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Stroller c /o: Nuna// Diaper bag c /o: Fawn Design// Wooden toys c /o: Otherware & Little Sapling Toys// Teething necklace c /o: Chewable Charm// Nursing cover c /o: Copper Pearl// Play mat c /o: Gathre

With the weather finally warming up, you will find us outside every chance we get! Getting out of the house with a baby is a lot different than getting out on your own. There is so much to think about and pack up and make sure you have for all of your adventures big and small. So here is a list of my must have on the go accessories!

1. A reliable and awesome stroller. As much as I LOVE to wear Hudson, sometimes we have way too much stuff to bring with us and so a great stroller really helps us with that! The Nuna Tavo is great! It's perfect for helping Hudson sit up and look around at everything and then it is also perfect for if he starts to fall asleep because it lays ALL the way flat and the hood covers all the way down. Making for a dark and cozy place to rest his little eyes. There is also a good sized storage bin under neath where we like to keep blankets, our play mat, books, snacks, etc. A good stroller is a must!

2. A diaper bag/backpack. Having a diaper bag that can be a back pack is a serious must. It helps keep your hands and arms free to move around, push a stroller or hold a baby. It is perfect! We love our Fawn Design bag because it can be a back pack or a messenger bag. We also love it because you can seriously fit your whole life into this thing with room to spare! I am always amazed at just how much room is in this thing!

3. Teething toys and jewelry. Having stuff to keep Hudson occupied and busy is definitely something we have to plan for when we head out! This kid is a busy bee and so we make sure to pack lots of toys and of course things he can chew on…because he will. I almost always head out the door with chewable jewelry on and I definitely always have a few wooden toys in the diaper bag. We love the wooden options because they are safe annnnd adorable! After Hudson had a reaction to a plastic toy I did a lot of research and ended up deciding to just stock up on fun more safe options!

4. A nursing cover. All you nursing mama's know that a full coverage cover is a must have! Now that Hudson is older and REFUSES to nurse under a cover (makes things interesting while we are out. Oh well!) we use our cover for different things like a shopping cart cover, highchair cover at restaurants or a blanket while we are outdoors! These covers have so many different uses!

5. A easy to clean play mat. No that Hudson has started to eat some solids (some..not a lot..) and we are doing baby led weaning, he LOVES to make a mess! So our Gathre play mat is perfect! It is easy to wipe down and I don't worry about making a mess on it like I would with a cute blanket. It is perfect for any and all outdoor activities! It will be joining us on all our Summer time picnics!

Well there you have it! My list of must have on the go accessories that will make all of your adventures more easy going and enjoyable!