Monday, November 24, 2014

Holidays are right around the corner.

Photography: Kali Poulsen Photography // Hair: Kaity Myers// Makeup: Denise Christensen
Winter floral crown c / o: Miss Stevi Marie // Sweater c / o: Chic Style Utah// Jeans c / o: Aeropostale

With the holidays right around the corner life is getting super busy. I was glad to slow down for a moment and enjoy this holiday themed photo shoot that the most talented Stevi put together. This was serious dream team right here. Getting a group of women together can be tricky sometimes! However, you can not even imagine the positive, uplifting and supportive vibes that filled this beautiful green house! 
I also was just so in love with these winter floral crowns that Stevi makes. I have LOVED the floral crown trend for Spring and Summer and being able to wear more Fall and Winter themed ones makes me all kinds of giddy and happy! These crowns are perfection for any event you want to wear them to! Whether it be, a Christmas party, Christmas card pictures, or just out and about! I for one will be wearing one for our Christmas card pictures! It will add the perfect touch and I can't wait! Now…if we could just get a little snow around here…that would be the real cherry on top! (I'm going to regret saying that and I know it.) 
BIG HUGE thanks to all the women who made this shoot come together so perfectly! You are all so talented and joyful to work with and spend time with! 

Where would you wear your winter floral crown? 

I think I'll just wear mine around the house right now…'cause I adore it that much.

Cheers to Monday.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby Its Cold Outside

Scarf c / o: Style Girl// Leggings c / o: Pink Blush// Sweater: H&M// Boots: (similar)

I can hardly believe it is the middle of November and we don't have any snow. It is getting so stinkin' cold out there but no snow yet. I don't remember a November without snow. Actually, I hardly remember an October without snow. As a kid you would pray that there wouldn't be snow for Halloween. However, without fail, Halloween would roll around and you'd be putting that snow suit over top of your costume. Pouting all the way because what is even the point of wear a costume if you have to cover it up with a marshmallow suit! Joke was on me though the year I complained too much and my mom made me into a giant puffy pumpkin so that my costume was basically my snow suit… That is still my most hated costume I ever had to wear. Good thing now that I can dress myself, all I need to keep me warm is this amazing scarf from Style Girl. I never want to take it off!

So here we are mid November and I wake up every morning terrified to look outside thinking…"just one more day of no snow please..just one more!?" But now I'm starting to get concerned. Like will we have snow for Christmas? Of course we will…but it's a legit concern. I've never not had a white Christmas before! Christmas doesn't even feel like it's on it's way without any snow.

Anyways, enough about Christmas. It's almost American Thanksgiving! I have to tag American on the front because well we already had Canadian Thanksgiving and I'm really not used to this two holidays with the same name thing. Which made me wonder the other day how we will raise our kids because well obviously we will celebrate both Thanksgivings. Like, duh, who doesn't want TWO turkey days in their life. But, will they be the weird kids at school who celebrate all these double holidays, know the metric system and the weird A system that makes zero sense, how to tell temperature in celsius and fahrenheit, and call a knitted hat a beanie and a toque?

I probably just need to calm down. I mean, we are not even pregnant yet and I'm wondering what our children will call knitted hats.

Moral of my ramblings is….. My heart wants snow and my head says no. I'm still confused how Christmas isn't the next Holiday. I want my kids to be very Canadian like me! Also, I just like seriously have been chowing down the Canadian chocolate my mom just sent me. Oh, we didn't talk about that up there? Well….you guys… I ate it for breakfast yesterday…for shame.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Haters Gonna Hate

Pull over c / o: Southern Shirt Co. // Beanie c / o: Aeropostale// Socks c / o: Aeropostale

So when someone makes a snide comment about how your fashion is only worthy of the Super Market…well hell, you go take pics in a shopping cart. Naturally. 

Here's the deal you guys. This blog, for me, is all about being real and being relatable. I'm no fashionista. No, my blog is not somewhere you can come to find all the high end clothes that no one can afford. My links won't send you to clothes you can only dream of and put in your dream closet or wish list. This blog is all about real life. REAL clothes. And hey, we all wear clothes to the dang super market. You all know what I'm about. I am about comfortable. I am about feeling good in what you wear. I am about representing your own self. Someone you can be proud of and someone you can be comfortable in. I do love to dress up every now and then and with the holidays coming quickly I am looking forward to party dresses and holiday outfits. I'm still me though and I will still wear my leggings all.the.time. 

If my outfits don't inspire you, if you don't find them relatable and if this isn't a place where you look forward to reading about my life and what I am wearing…goooo awaaaay! 
Let's get over this whole internet bullying thing. It's not nice. I don't like it. Not only because it happened to me but because I see it happening all of the time. Can't we all just get along?! haha.

If you like what you see and what you read…I ADORE YOU! If my outfits give you inspiration for going out to lunch with your girls, the movies with your man, or by golly to the dang super market, that makes me SO happy! After all, that is where we all need to wear clothes. We all want to look good and feel good no matter where we are going! It's all about what makes us feel good!

Let's also take a sec to talk about this pullover because it makes me feel good. It's from heaven. I am certain of it! Ok, it's actually from Southern Shirt Co. Nevertheless, it is so perfect for winter and perfect for layering when this weather really takes a turn for the worse! I plan to wear it anywhere and everywhere…like the super market, hiking, girls nights in, running, lounging by the fire. This thing is going with me everywhere! Moral of the story…you need one! Or five. 

So here's to being ourselves, here's to shaking it off like good ol' T Swizzle suggests, here's to us all being loving and supportive of EVERYONE. This world needs a lot more love and a lot less jealousy. Let's work on that!…It also needs a lot more pullovers…in my opinion. Go grab yours with an additional 10% off with code Lauren10 at check out!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Stopping to smell the…daisies

Photography by: Rox B Photography
Watch c / o: Feral Watches
Plaid shirt: similar

Have you ever had such a dirty rotten no good week that you actually cannot wait for Monday to come? Well this week I was welcoming Monday with open arms and open mouth kisses. I desperately needed last week to end. Like some how all the bad things that kept piling up would magically disappear once Monday came around. One can hope right? 

So last week was just one of those weeks where one thing after another went wrong. How is it that life doesn't just throw one thing at you and let you deal with it and then another and then get over that one and then…well you get it. Instead life seems to think it funny to just go bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…are you down yet? No? BAM!!! Then you're left standing there kind of in a daze of disbelief because you didn't know so many things could all go wrong all at once. It's simply just rude.

Either way, once Sunday rolled around I literally felt like I couldn't breathe. Would I even make it to Monday? Some how that was my only goal. Just make it to Monday. 

While driving in the car something kind of clicked and I realized I really needed to stop and smell the roses. Count your blessings…name them one by one… so that's what I did quietly to myself.

*Deep breath in, deep breath out*

I have the best of friends. Ones that will stop what they are doing and come just chat with me and then run errands with me, just to simply keep me company because other plans fell thru. 
A best friend that when I take frustration out on her she is patient and always offers to help me when I need it. 
Amazingly talented women that pull me on to their beautiful and wonderful projects. I couldn't be more blessed and inspired by such women.
Family that will text me when I'm feeling lonely and make me laugh. 
A husband who tells me it's ok to cry and has more patience than I ever thought possible.

I have a really good life. Most important I have really good people in my life. 

SO hi there Monday. Sure glad I made it to you. If this week is like last week I might not make it to next. But just in case it is…I will try to focus on all of these great things instead of all the flying crap.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Yarn tassel garland sale

Since we moved in to our very first home together, I have absolutely loved setting a theme and decorating! I absolutely love crafting, it is so therapeutic to me! At our wedding I bought a garland that I was completely in love with but it somehow got misplaced or thrown away. Who knows but, it went missing and never made it home with me. I was so sad. 

After pouting a little…ok a lot, I went through my crafting stuff and decided to make this lovely garland that now hangs in our living room! It was definitely time consuming but like I said, therapeutic and now I am so in love with it! So in love that now I have made one for a baby girl nursery (no not my own!) out of baby pink, cream and gold. I also have made a Christmas one out of cream, gold, forest green and a deep red wine colour. 

I love these so much and know that you would too! So, I have decided to see if my yarn therapy sessions could come in handy for my readers! 

I will be taking orders for these over the holidays! 

Prices will range from $35-$45 depending on size and customization of colours and such. 

I am open to doing every colour scheme out there! 

You can email me at : lo{at}tippeecanoe{dot}com to talk colours, length, ideas and whatever else!

As seen above: 

Made out of: different textured quality yarn, white rope cord, varying string

Length: six ft.

Number of tassels: 11

*Payment will be done through pay pal*

Please contact me asap to order in time for the holidays! 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whimsical Bridal Shower

Today I am so excited to share with you some photos from my bridal shower! Yes, this was about 3 months back…BUT we have been waiting to share even more exciting news that this bridal shower is being featured on Wedding Chicks today! So much hard work went in to making my bridal shower everything and more than I ever imagined! So make sure you check it out!! Also, give some love to Gentri and Ariel too. They pieced this shower together with so much perfection that I am STILL in awe of it!


How A Year Changes Everything

Sweater: HM//Leggings: Pink Blush//Bracelet: Threads

A year ago my life changed in a Starbucks…

I remember the day perfectly. I was so grouchy because this guy wouldn't stop asking me out. I kept thinking "how many times do I have to nicely tell you I'm busy!" I really was busy. It wasn't just an excuse. I was also on a serious dating hiatus. If you were of the male species, you could go take a hike. Sounds harsh I know. Cut me some slack though…I wanted to focus on me and sometimes thats ok. This was the last straw though. Why was he so nice and understanding? Surely, he was really a jerk right? Then a friend gave me a great thought…"Maybe, if you just go out with him once, he can realize you don't click and then he will finally stop asking." Ok, ok not the worst idea. So I said yes. And then he insisted on picking me up. Now, THAT goes against everything I believe in and have been taught. Because, you see this was a blind date. My mother always told me to drive myself to these so we could meet in a public place. Nope. He was not having it. He would pick me up at this time and that's when I was to be ready. So I did what I thought was best and told someone where I was going and who with and a phone number. You know, just incase I ended up in a Starbucks dumpster or something. Hey, you never know. 

He showed up just on time. Text me to tell me he was "here". Then didn't even get out of the car to open my door. *Ok, great…here we go again* I thought. 

Once we got to Starbucks, he told enough funny jokes that I was starting to warm up to him. 
When I told him I wanted a "tall chai tea latte" He looked at me with a confused face and proceeded to order me a "tai chi latte". *Ok, so maybe this won't be so bad*. 

We talked and talked and talked. It was when I tried to scare him off with the fact that I have a tattoo and he actually thought it was "cool" that I really started to get intrigued. We were there until Starbucks closed and I remember walking into my room and crawling in to bed (alone guys) that I remember thinking…"darn it. This guy is actually kind of not the worst." 

By the next day I was sold when I got this text. "I had fun last night. I'm going to the opening night of Hunger Games tonight and I already bought your ticket. So make it work :)" 

That night he told me hated playing dating mind games and thats why he texted me right away and ask me out the two nights in a row. No mind games. He had fun and wanted to see me again. 

365 days later. He's my husband. I am SO glad that my plan to get him to stop asking me out didn't succeed. I am extra grateful that he has always been as patient and kind and understanding as he was from day one. He also now will not EVER let me open my own door. 

A year ago…my life completely changed in a Starbucks.