Friday, December 19, 2014

His+ Hers Christmas

Photography: RoxBPhotography// 
HERS: Vest c / o:Jacob Scarves// Winter crown c / o: Miss Stevi Marie// Sweater: H&M
HIS: Beanie: Target// Hoodie: H&M// Jacket: H&M (similar)

When we were dating I would always joke about how when we got married I would want to do His & Hers posts. He would laugh it off and I am pretty positive he thought I was kidding. Well, you should have seen his face when I asked our awesome photographer to do some separate shots so I could write a his and hers Christmas outfit post. Ha. Panic. He isn't the most comfortable in front of the camera but my he is handsome! I sure love this man for putting up with all my crazy antics and for supporting this blog 110% since the very beginning. 

So this is what we wore for our first Christmas pictures together! Really, honestly, truly, if you do not own a vest that resembles the fur of a polar bear….well…I'm sad for you. 

I love taking pictures with this man of mine! I also really love our great photographer! She is so much fun and so willing to trudge around in the snow for hours! Christmas sure is fun and I am trying to fill it with happiness and all fun new experiences since being away from family is proving to be SO much harder during the holidays. 

Only FIVE more days though until I see their sweet faces!

Where will you be celebrating the Holidays?! Does your family do Christmas cards?! I'm excited to start this new tradition of our very own! 

Happy last weekend before the Holidays! 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Beanie c / o: Madison and Sixth// Layering Shirt: c / o:Bohme// Jeans c / o: Aeropostale// Coat: gifted

I feel rather over dressed in these pictures. Not the dressy kind of over dressed but you know…bundled up and no snow in sight. However, I can feel it in the air and it is definitely on it's merry way! To get a little bit more in the Christmas spirit we are headed to see Christmas lights tonight and then to the Nutcracker this weekend!! I LOVE the nutcracker! I used to go to the lights and the Nutcracker with my parents but this year I will be going with friends and the hubby. As much as I miss doing these traditions with my family, I am so very grateful to have such good friends and an amazing hubby to really get into the Christmas spirit with! 

I am however SO excited to see my family in just ONE week! Then we can do the rest of our Christmas traditions together! Make treats like caramel popcorn and nuts a bolts, have a Christmas eve message, make a yummy birthday dinner for dad, open Christmas eve pjs, and fill each others stockings! 

What kind of traditions do you have for Christmas? What gets you feeling like Christmas is right around the corner? ….Probably the mile long lines in every store right? Yikes! Hate those. I'm all standing in line with a bag of toilet paper behind people filled with carts and carts of toys and clothes and things….and I'm just like…guys I just really need to buy this toilet paper!! 

Anyways… Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A few things

Beanie c / o: Bohme// Jacket c / o: Pink Blush// Leggings c / o: Pink Blush

First of all, I could wear this beanie and jacket combo all day every day. Can it just be beanie season all.the.time?

Second, I have purple hair and I LOVE it! My hair has NEVER been this dark and basically I never want it to be light again! 

Third, I'm tired. I am right drained. I am so ready for the Holidays to be here! To hug my family, kiss my nephew, and eat so much good food that I do not have to cook myself! It is going to be such a joyous reunion. 

Fourth, I hope you are having a lovely week! Today I am going to spend wrapping presents under the tree lights, watching Christmas movies, drinking cocoa and doing a friend gift exchange! So basically I love Tuesday.

That is all for today folks! My brain is completely writer blocked. So cheers!


Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm dreaming of a…..

Sweater c / o: Ivory Rose(similar)// Beanie c / o: aeropostale (similar)// Socks c / o: aeropostale

Never in my life time has it been December 16th and not a pinch of snow in sight. I mean… I did grow up in Canada but still this is outrageous! I am mostly not mad about it. Besides the fact that all the sudden Christmas is basically a week away and I've been tricked in to thinking I had more time to get ready for it! Jokes on me! Snow does not equal Christmas and Christmas does not equal snow. Who knew!

However, I am still trying to be in the Christmas spirit and bring on that Christmas cheer! So listening to N*Sync Christmas on repeat, putting up decorations and drinking more hot chocolate than any human being should, has commenced and will continue until I am forced to stop!

Also getting me in the Christmas mood is Christmas and Holiday inspired clothes! Such as toques or beanies (potato potahto), and lovely sweaters with Reindeer and snowflakes on them. Although the no need for a coat thing is really throwing me off. But let's not focus on that…or the lack of bright white in the background…. The sweater is delightful and oh this beanie is also! 

What gets you in the Christmas spirit? Are you a white Christmas person or a sandy beach/palm tree Christmas person?

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Little Black Dress Week: Look Four (mixing it up!)

Jumper: Piper and Scoot// Tee: Pink Blush// Necklace: Fifth and Mae

For all you peeps who might now really be in to the traditional LBD, here is a different take on it! The LBJ. Little Black Jumper. I seriously love this thing and if you know me at all you know that I am usually not in the mood for a dress. This jumper is still so easy to dress up for a nice Christmas party or Holiday party. Yet, you could also wear this out to dinner with the girls or out on the town for date night! In my opinion it's the perfect alternative to the little black dress! 

This might totally be TMI but we are all family here right? So I wore this awesome jumper the the hubby's work Christmas party the other night and all the sudden I had to pee really bad…. I panicked for a minute feeling like I used to feel in ballet class, wearing a leotard and having to use the restroom STAT! However, DO NOT FEAR….no embarrassing moments happened and turns out it is MUCH easier to remove than a leotard in a moment of emergency. 

So…now that we've gotten to know each other REAL well… have a great weekend!

Oh and where would you wear your LBJ? 


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Little Black Dress Week Giveaway

Dress c / o: White Plum

I can't tease you with all these awesome little black dress options without giving you the opportunity to find one for yourself! So White Plum and I have teamed up to give you a $50 gift card to their online shop! You can use that towards your own little black dress or anything other holiday look you've been wanting! Heck you can spend it on comfies for a night in! All I know is 'tis the season of giving so here is our gift to you! Enter below!! 

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Little Black Dress Week: Look Two

Dress c / o:Pink Blush// Cardigan c / o: Pink Blush// Pattern tight options: Trendy Legs

I'm a little short on words today…I've caught some sort of nasty body achy cold thing and it's really bringing me down! But here is LBD week, look TWO:

Look two for little black dress week is a way to dress it down a little bit but still look great if you are headed out to a Christmas party! I L.O.V.E this dress so much!! It is so comfortable and easy to dress up or dress down! Throwing this red/Christmassy card over top makes it that much better in my opinion! Also…patterned tights you guys…I am really loving them lately! 

What is your favourite way to mix up the LBD look? How do you dress it up or dress it down?