Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Delicious Treats with Fairlife

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We absolutely love using fairlife in our home for all your milk needs! Fairlife is packed with 50% more protein and 30% more calcium versus regular milk and is also packed with delicious flavour! You can read more about why you should make the change to fairlife in your families daily life HERE.

We use it for every day cooking/baking needs and of course on our cereal because that is a staple in this home. It is also perfect for creating yummy summer treats! Being pregnant I seriously crave sweets like crazy. So I came up with this creamy, delicious and chilly treat for summer using fairlife. Also, since the milk contains 50% less sugar than regular milk, I don't feel as guilty downing this cool glass of chocolately goodness!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

What you need: 
- 4 Cups Fairlife chocolate milk
- 3 Cups Ice
- 1 Tablespoon Vanilla extract
- A dash of cinnamon
-Whipped cream topping

 How to:
- First add the ice to your blender followed by fairlife chocolate milk.
-Then add your vanilla
-blend until the ice is blended in (you may need to add more ice or more milk depending on the consistency that you prefer)
- line your glasses with your choice of caramel sauce or chocolate sauce OR both! 
-pour mixture into your glasses and add your whipped cream topping.
- add a dash of cinnamon on top to add a little spice!

Then Enjoy!! 

You can find fairlife at your nearest Kroger banner store! We are lucky and have a Smith's Market Place right near us! So when I reach for fairlife and realize someone has put the carton back empty I can quickly hop in my car and go grab more! 

You can find your nearest Kroger banner store HERE and don't forget to check out fairlife on Facebook HERE for more information and lots of yummy recipe recommendations! I would love to hear what your favourite recipe ideas including fairlife are! 

How will you make the switch and include fairlife in your daily routine?


Monday, August 24, 2015


I have sat down a number of times to write this blog post and basically just stared at the screen and then at these amazing pictures and then just sat in a mixture of emotions unable to write down any feelings at all. I am usually really good at expressing my feelings and emotions in words. It has always been an outlet for me and something I enjoy. But this topic seems so sacred, almost too sacred to write about.

Knowing your baby's due date is one thing. Knowing your baby is coming on a specific day at a specific time is surprisingly terrifying. Also knowing he is coming not the way you planned for so long is extremely disappointing and confusing.
I've never spent much time in a hospital and I have never had any kind of major surgery and the fact that this involves my little baby makes me all the more nervous and not ready.

In my mind I had this vision of waking up in the middle of the night and waking Kev up to tell him "babe, this is it!" Then heading to the hospital full of excitement and also full of pain but ready to bring this little life into this world and into our arms the way my body was meant to do. Either that or frantically calling Kev while he is at work and figuring out if he should come home first or meet me at the hospital! Either way….I definitely did not picture planning to wake up at such and such time on such and such day and driving over to the hospital where they are expecting us because it has been all mapped out and planned for us.

Then I realize….it has all been mapped out and planned for us. My life has never been my plan. Man do I know it. But apparently sometimes I forget and need to be reminded. I know that this sweet boy of ours is coming into our family just the way he was planned to. The safest way for him and the safest way for me. No it is not how I wish it were happening…things rarely ever go that way. However, in the end I know that this is the way it needs to be and I need to trust that and feel good about that.

I also know that the outcome will be the same. I will have my sweet boy in my arms and he will be mine for all eternity. We will finally be our little family of three and I know that we both cannot wait!

This will be my last post for a while or until I can bring myself to share some hospital pics and write out baby boy's birth story! If you want to meet baby H in the meantime be sure to follow along on instagram (xoloveloxo)


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last Maternity Outfit Post

Top c /o: Roolee // Watch c /o: Daniel Wellington // Hat: Similar

So this is my very last maternity post …until next baby of course! Next set of outfit pictures this round belly of mine will no longer be out and about and hopefully I will have my jaw line back! One can hope! haha. I really cannot wait for Fall fashion and am excited to feel good in my clothes again. At this point I have a few outfits that make me feel pretty and so I just rotate through those if we leave the house. 

It will be a bit strange to get back to dressing a not pregnant body. I am interested to see how quickly or not quickly things change. But to think about not having this buddha belly is both sad and exciting. I am however prepared for that weird squishy stage too haha. Oh how interesting it is to have your body change SO much in these months and then start to think about your body slowly getting back to its regular shape. We will see! 

For now though…how cute is this top?! It isn't maternity and originally I had gotten it for after baby but one night we were going out and I was feeling sad like I had nothing to wear so I tossed it on and felt so good and so cute! So I cannot wait to wear this after baby too. It's going to be perfect for Fall!

What are you excited for this year in Fall fashion?! I for one am excited to wear boots again! woo!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Let the Countdown Begin


Dress c /o: Shabby Apple // Watch c /o: Daniel Wellington Watches

Well we are officially counting down the days. 8 to be exact. EIGHT days! How in the world did this happen?
It seems like just yesterday I was trying to convince myself, my husband and my suspicious sister that even though I was 10 days late…I clearly wasn't pregnant. Haha. Now here we are just 8 days away from meeting our sweet little babe.

I keep having these crazy dreams of when he comes. Including one where he started to come out of my stomach on his own…it was mortifying! Then I had a dream that when the doctor sewed me up after my C-section he accidentally sewed my insides on to my outsides. Again, that was terrifying! Haha but these crazy dreams just remind me that he is coming in the next 8 days whether we are ready or not.

However, we are definitely ready. Ready to meet our little man and find out what he looks like and to learn his different cries and just to hold him close in our arms. The hubby asks me multiple times a day if my water has broken. I reassure him that if it does he will definitely know about it haha. He is so so impatient these days.

No matter how ready we are I am grateful baby boy listened to his mama and let Kev and I celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. I kept telling him that he could come anytime after that. How selfish am I? haha but it was absolutely necessary and so so nice to be able to spend some quality time just the two of us before we become three.

So cheers to 8 more days! EIGHT! I really actually can't believe it.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Choose To Shine Little One

baby tee c /o: Be Bonafide

With just three weeks left of this pregnancy it is really starting to hit me hard that soon I will be in charge of such a sweet little life! I am both excited and terrified. 

This little boy of ours will be our responsibility and he is going to look to his daddy and me for guidance and answers and love. Just to name a few things. I have already felt just how sweet of a spirit our boy has since the time we found out we were expecting. I just felt like wow…this little babe, whomever he or she turns out to be is going to be someone so special. That is the exciting part! Watching him grow, finding out what interests him, finding his own style, finding his way through the world with some nudges and guidance from the ones that love him most!

Now the terrifying part…this world is kind of a scary place to think of bringing up a child in. There is so much evil, so many negative influences and so many trials to overcome. I, like any mother out there want to shield my little babe from all of it so badly. However, I know that that isn't possible and that it is also not in his best interested. He will experience heartache, he will experience trials and he will have to make REALLY hard decisions all throughout his life. He is going to have to learn good from bad and it all starts from a young age.

What I want to instil in this little sweet boy is to always choose to shine! Whatever that might mean to him. To choose to be different. To choose to be kind. To choose to stand up for everything he believes in no matter the consequences. To choose to be himself. And to choose to make a positive difference in this crazy world! I already know he is making such a positive difference in mine.

I love this little boy so so much already and cannot wait to see his sweet little face and watch him grow into the person he is meant to be!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Countdown Continues

Count down shirt c /o: Put a Bird on It// Leggings: Preggo Leggings

This post was meant to go up two weeks ago when I was actually 34 weeks pregnant…but you know life happened and then I got attacked by a death cold and then hubby got attacked by some wicked bug and well here we are two weeks later! So go ahead and cross off 2 more weeks on this adorable count down shirt! And get ready for a bumpdate!

Weight gain: Still going steady. I gain a couple pounds at each appointment which brings me to 23 pounds total right now. I got a fit bit for my birthday and can't wait to get back to working out once I get the all clear after baby! Yoga, zumba, dance, running here I come! 

Symptoms: heartburn heartburn heartburn. You baby better have some hair to thank for this! Back and pelvis pain. Baby has moved even lower than normal and its definitely causing some aches and pains. My nausea has been showing up again here and there and food is less and less appetizing again but it is nothing compared to first trimester thank goodness!

Cravings: Fruit! I cannot get enough fruit. I keep wanting to crave veggies but I just do not like veggies! Other than that I just crave random things are random times. 

Preparations: It is really hard to not be living in our own place right now because getting ready for baby has been kind of hard! I washed all his clothes and blankets and towels and then had to pack them away. All his nursery stuff is sitting in boxes and bags. His crib is in its box. We will be moving into our new place September 4…which is a week after his due date…which is NOT ideal! But we will make it work!! It will feel so good after we move to get everything settled! I cannot wait to get his nursery all put together! I did however get his hospital bag all packed and am working on mine and we bought his carseat! So I at least feel prepared for that! 

Random: My absolute most favourite thing to do is watch baby move my stomach. It is SO real that he is in there moving around. Watching my stomach move and knowing that its his little bum, or his knees,  or shoulder. Or feeling his little feet tickle my side which he stretches out! When he sticks his little feet out I like to "tickle" them or push on them and then he curls them back up. 

I cannot believe we only have one month left until we meet our baby boy! He may even come sooner who knows! What I do know is I go back and forth every day from being SO ready to just wanting him to stay put for a little while longer. But alas he will come when he comes and as long as he is healthy then thats good enough for me! 

Let the countdown continue! eeeek!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Namast'ay ….in bed all day

Maternity Body Pillow c /o: Buy Buy Baby

When I wake up in the morning I am usually still tired. However it's hard to stay in bed when you are also seriously hungry annnnd you really have to pee. So up I get to feed this babe! 

With this maternity body pillow though I honestly could stay in bed ALL the day long! You hit a point in your pregnancy where there is just no comfortable position and you just don't have all the support laying in bed that your body needs. Which then results in aches and pains all over and NO sleep at all. 

This pillow gives all the right support in all the right places and it is wonderful! Plus the thermo cool cover it comes with is cozy yet at the same time helps to keep you cool through the night….which all us preggo girls know is important!

Bottom line is if I'm not getting much sleep anyways, then the sleep I do get should be quality and I definitely could not do that with out my maternity body pillow!

So if you are expecting a precious little babe definitely make sure one of your investments for yourself is one of these ASAP!