Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines Day for Three

Hudson: Leggings c /o:Hazel and Holly// Moccasins c /o: Freshly Picked// Onesie: Old Navy
Me: Sweater: Ily Couture

*Hey guys! We are back! Had a little situation with the blog arise but all is well and here we are!*

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Is it just me or does having a kid make time move at warp speed? Not cool. 

Last Valentine weekend we spent the relaxing away in St. George getting pampered at a spa and announcing to family that we were pregnant! Fast forward one year (Has it really already been one whole year?)...

...Holidays are a little bit different once you add a sweet little to the mix! We won't be going anywhere extravagant or staying out late, we don't live near family who can watch the babe for a quick night out, and we go with the flow of Hudson's schedule. Honestly though I like it this way! Hudson is after all, my Valentine too! 

So, we will head out for sushi after a nap and before it's time for bed. I will offer to nurse Hudson before my food comes but he will politely decline…and then be hungry once my food arrives. I'll nurse him and eat simultaneously while chatting with the hubby about work and life and most likely about Hudson. We will head home for baths and stories and snuggles. Then one of two things….Hudson will go to bed and we will catch up on our shows and eat lots of treats OR Hudson will want to party party after a short sleep and so the three of us will hang out, watch shows, play and eat treats. Then more than likely we will all be in bed by 10 pm. 

Life with a kid…it's different…but it's actually the greatest!

Happy Valentine's Weekend


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Perfect Piece For ALL Year round

baja hoodie c /o: flordeluz shop
photography: anchored image

There is not much that can make me happier than snuggling up in something perfectly oversized and cozy. I also love pieces that I know I can transition with me into every season! This hoodie is great this winter all cozied up on the couch and leggings and slippers with a cup of cocoa. It will be great come Spring time when the air still has that fresh chill too it. I will wear it out at night during a warm bonfire with the Summer air floating all around me and I know in the Fall I can pair it with jeans and no other layers because it will keep me nice and warm all day long! 

Basically this Baja Hoodie is all your dreams are made of when it comes to a minimalist closet! Which is everything I have been striving for lately! Out are the days of a million pieces of clothing and in come the days of minimalism especially in the closet! I cannot even begin to tell you just how much clothing I have gotten rid of lately. It is kind of insane! BUT this hoodie is staying put and I cannot wait to keep wearing it throughout every season.

Head on over to Flor De Luz Shop and check out all the different colours! 


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mama Must Have #7- By my side

Photos by: Anchored Image
Diaper bag c /o: LilyJadeCo// My top c /o: Joah Brown// Jean c /o: Aeropostale
Hudson's booties c /o: Freshly Picked// Tee c /o: Elemenotees (on sale!)// Beanie and Cardigan: Beau + Hudson// Bandana bib c /o: Bee and the Bear

I have TWO things by my side at all times.

1. Hudson - this kid cannot seem to get enough of me! ….secretly I'm fine with it. Okay…openly I'm fine with it! Also I need to go back in time and eat my words of just how "hard" it would be to dress a boy. In my mind the only boy clothes our there are full of trucks and footballs and things and while those are fine and dandy…they don't cut it around here because I am OBSESSED with clothes! The only thing more fun than dressing myself is dressing this little chunk! (dressing his dad is stressful because all I hear is ….." but whhhhhhy" like a two year old…eye roll.

2. A solid diaper bag. THIS Lily-Jade bag is so solid. It contains so many pockets, which I never realized was going to be so important. As Hudson gets older I am required to bring more things along in the diaper bag than just diapers, wipes and an extra set of clothes. We now need toys, favourite blanket, favourite book, things that are chewable, teething tablets, binkies and so on and so forth. All the pockets make it so easy to just reach in an grab exactly what you are looking for and not rummage around while your little one hoots and hollers. The other amazing thing about this bag is it has THREE different ways of being carried. This makes life so much easier. You can arm carry, shoulder/cross body carry or make it into a backpack! Basically I love this bag…I also love that it is so stylish I don't have to worry about switching all of my stuff over to another bag if I am heading out on my own. (Like that ever happens…haha.) 

** Stay tuned for pictures of the inside along with my mama must haves INSIDE of a diaper bag!**


Thursday, December 31, 2015

And A Happy New Year

Photos by: Cecelia Harvard Photography// Hudson's hat c /o: Little Sun Hat// My watch c /o: Arvo Wear

2015 definitely proved to be my most favourite year yet! I feel like every passing year when I take the time to look back on what has changed in the last 365 days, it always seems like SO much has changed! My years are always eventful, full of change, and full of more and more happiness. Not to say they don't also come with their fair share of challenges and set backs but the blessings continue to outweigh any trials. 

New Years Eve 2014 was the day we found out we were expecting our little Hudson boy. We went into the new year knowing just how much different 2015 would be for us and for the years to come. 
The year did not disappoint! It was a hard year of being sick, emotional and nervous about becoming a family of three. Would I be able to do this? Would my baby love me? Would we all be happy?

It was also the happiest year of my life! I did it! We did it! My baby, if I do say so myself, adores the heck out of me! And I often catch my husband and I both staring out our sweet baby boy with the same look of pure joy. The kind of joy that makes your heart burst and your insides smile. We are so happy.

I cannot wait for what 2016 has to bring for our little family. Watching Hudson continue to grow is going to be so much fun and bring so much joy and excitement. Kev and I will continue to grow together as a couple and as parents. We will go on many adventures, that I am sure of. Heck maybe we will even sleep through the night! haha. 

Whatever comes our way over the next 365 days… I am sure glad I have these two to take it on with. My rocks, my loves, my joys.

Happy New Year to all of you!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Mama Must Have #6 -It Takes A Village

First off…are you guys sick of seeing pics of us in our comfies and in the bedroom?! *embarrassed face* But hey it is stinkin cold and gloomy out there and Hudson says no to being outside…I promise to spice things up a bit here soon! ;)

And now for the main event…our next mama must have is an APP…yup they've got an app for that.

I'm sure you've heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child." 
As a new mom I can definitely agree with that! There are so many times that you wonder what to do or if something is normal or just plain ol' need another mom who has been there, to talk to! There are times when it's not a question for a doctor or paediatrician it's something only another mama could answer for you! That's where the Village For Parents app comes in handy! This app is so fun and so helpful. You sign up FREE and create a profile. Then you can view recent questions from other parents and you can lend a helping hand with an answer! OR if you find yourself wondering something like "my baby has a cold, what kind of things do you find helpful?" and other parents will give you some tips and tricks! You can ask any kind of question! The app itself is super user friendly and easy to navigate. You can check it out HERE!

When it comes to raising a child and also having peace of mind… Village For Parents App has got you covered. Because, sometimes you just need that little extra helping hand.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Love Sweet Love

Mommy and me tees c /o: The Love More Shop

For some reason this post has just been so hard for me to write. I think it's because there really isn't more that is needed to be said than I believe we need to "Love More".

However, I will expand on it anyways because well we all know I am long winded and like to ramble! It helps my heart.

Becoming a mom changes you in a lot of ways. At least I know it has definitely changed me. Even just in this small time frame of four months I feel like the person I am is so different than the person I was before Hudson came into this world. This world. It can be a scary and hateful place. With so much bad in this world and so much evil always being spread around and focused on in the news and social media, I can hardly stand thinking about what it will all be like as Hudson gets older. I forever want to scoop him into my arms and kiss him, hold him and protect him from what is out there.

Unfortunately I know that I won't always be able to protect him from others choices. What I can do is raise HIM to love more. To be the kind of person I hope people will be to him. I want to always raise Hudson with love. Raise him to be compassionate. Raise him to have a tender voice and be understanding and open minded to others. I want to raise Hudson to be a man that everyone will be proud to call their friend, son, husband and father. 

It is hard to think about my sweet little boy becoming a toddler, becoming a teenager, becoming a grown man. I often wonder what he will become. What will he like? What will he dislike? What paths will he choose? 

Whatever it is, my hope for my sweet little H is that he always knows he is loved and that he always will be loved. I hope that because he is raised in love that he will be able to love more and to show it. 

As parents in these hard days we have the ability to raise the next generation and to turn this world around. That is my focus as I continue to raise this special little boy…. in love so that he is able to love more.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Mama Must Have #4 & #5

Hudson's bed c/ o: Dock A Tot// Muslin blanket c /o: Margaux and May

Our next mommy must have is a serious sleeping miracle! Part of me is sure we just got lucky with a good sleeping baby (minus the last week) haha…babies… anyways! When Hudson was a new fresh baby he slept on my chest a lot because if we put him in his pack n play or crib he was so so sad and felt so uncomfortable. Once we got out dock for him to sleep in it was life changing! Hudson started sleeping through the night in it almost immediately! It is also perfect for co-sleeping while you are still nursing in the night. The dock is so comfy and cozy that it helps baby feel like he is being snuggled up in your arms. The material has been tested and certified for safe breathing so you do not have to worry about baby. If you follow the safe sleeping guidelines this is the most perfect bed for your brand new baby! They also have two sizes. The smaller size is meant for babies up to around 8 months and then the next size up after that. Hudson loves his dock so much that we will be able to use it for an easier transition into his crib. The best thing about it? We can easily bring it with us when we travel to Canada for the Holidays! The cover zips off and the rest folds up so you can pack it in your suitcase OR you can easily bring it as one of your carry on items. Bottom line is as new mamas we could all use the extra sleep that we can get! Dock A Tot will give you just that! …Just keep in mind that babies are babies and if they are hungry or need some extra love they will still wake in the night no matter what they are sleeping in! ;)

Next mommy must have is something I have to share with you before the holidays so you can add it to your wish list! Hey June Shop has the most beautiful keepsake jewelry! All the gems are for the months of the year and are so pretty! I love my little month of August necklace for our anniversary and the day of Hudson's birth. You can add this to your wish list and make sure to order before DECEMBER 11 so you can use code : LAUREN20 for 20% off your order!