Monday, April 14, 2014

Pops of Peach

Today I will be headed back to Utah from sunshiny California. I cannot even tell you how amazing the weekend was. Don't worry though, I will be writing a special blog post to update you all on the exciting news that happened! If you follow me on instagram or Facebook you will already know but details will be revealed this week and I cannot wait to share some amazing pictures and tell the story!

For now just enjoy your Monday and also enjoy this outfit because I am in love with this scarf. I love being able to add a pop of colour through accessories since I tend to lean towards neutrals when it comes to main pieces of clothing. So I went for some pops of peach in this outfit with the scarf and belt. It brings a nice spring feeling and goes great with this lace shirt. Spring makes me so happy! It's when I feel good about wearing some colour! Everything comes back to life in Spring. Now if we could just make sure the snow stays away. Then we will be set.

What are your favourite Spring colours??!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stripes on Stripes

I'm laying here in bed with a seriously numb mouth after a little trip to the dentist. You know what, I hate going to the dentist. After working in a dental office for years you would think that would change but I actually think it made it worse. I run through all the steps in my head as they do them and it makes me cringe. Anyways, my mouth feels two million times the size it should and well just forget about eating because it will fall right out of my mouth. But, enough about my dental woes. Can we talk a minute about stripes because unlike going to the dentist…I love them. I love them more than polka dots but a little less than floral. Add stripes to comfy material and grey and well I am all in. This dress makes me feel really really cute and comfy all at the same time. We all know that that is what I am all about. Then that yellow stripped clutch. mmm. Way to top it all off! I am loving it all and pretty much cannot stop wearing these items. 

In other news, I should probably get my butt out of bed and pack for California! T minus seven hours until we are on our way! Think that is plenty of time to pack? Well then you haven't met me yet. 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Allergy Season made better with Kleenex

This post is sponsored by Kleenex brand. All opinions and reviews are my own. 
Thank you for all the opportunities and experiences I get through brands like this and also for support from my lovely readers. #kleenex

What's in my purse and on my night stand these days? Kleenex of course! It's that time of year again…allergy season. While I am welcoming the warmth and sunshine, I am also dreading these darn allergies. They are the worst. Know what isn't the worst? How cute and stylish Kleenex has made their Spring Style collection. I have always wanted to hide my tissue boxes or carry alongs because well it just isn't stylish at all to have around or pull out of your purse. However, I absolutely love how fun, colourful and stylish these carry alongs are! I keep them in my purse, my car dashboard, and on my nightstand for those just in case moments. These tissues are a life saver for me at this time of year.

So if you are in the same dreadful allergy boat as I am this time of year, or even if you just want an adorable way to have tissues around the house, head over to take the Kleenex style quiz and find out the Spring Style collection that best suits you HERE. I promise you will not want to hide these, you will want people to notice them.



Monday, April 7, 2014


This passed weekend went by far too fast. I know that weekends always fly by but it seems that the very most important and special ones zoom by even quicker. I love going home and being with my family but this was the first time they have all come here to visit me and it was really special. We had time to play cards, go for walks, go to the aquarium, eat good food, argue a little like all families do, and just love each other. It's no secret how important my family is to me and how lucky I am to have people like them in my life. Weekends like this one just remind me of that more and more.

We also were able to attend General Conference for our church. Every six months I am so grateful to hear guidance from the leaders of our church. This session was absolutely no different. Many talks or parts of talks always stick out to me. This session there was one in particular and I just want to share a little bit of a talk given on gratefulness. 

"It is easy to be grateful for thing when life seems to be going well. Could I suggest that we see gratitude as a disposition, a way of life that stands independent of our current situation? In other words, I'm suggesting that instead of being 'thankful for things' we focus on being 'thankful in our circumstances'- whatever they may be."

I sometimes notice that I am focusing on the things going wrong and wondering what I have to be grateful for. I loved what President Uchtdorf had to say about being grateful in any circumstance. It is something that I am from here on out going to focus on doing. Because, my goodness after this weekend I just realized more and more that I have a whole LOT to be grateful for. Even if things seem to just be going wrong, I have so many people to love and who love me right back. What more can a girl ask for really.

You should all check this talk out! And any other talk that might catch your attention. You can do so HERE.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Happiness, a lot of it.

Ok so I just had to post these pictures. One becuase they are the only ones I didn't lose after a stupid tech mistake. womp womp womp. Two because they just seriously make me happy! Ducks guys! This place was FULL of them. I'm not entirely sure why this makes me happy but it does. Just look at my happy "I'm chasing ducks and there is no snow on the ground and life is a ball of wonderful!" face.

Really though life is. I will be spending my weekend wrapped in my families arms. Yes, all weekend. I just cannot even explain to you how happy this makes me. Or maybe I can…It makes me happier than ducks and chasing them.

Now off I go to chase my most favourite little two year old around instead of duckies. Oh my. My heart can't handle all this happy.

Ps. More on this amazingly comfortable, cute and fun outfit coming up next week because…elephants you guys.



Monday, March 31, 2014

Waking Up On a Monday

So there are somethings I think you all should know about me. 

1. I love and will use every excuse in the book to wear comfortable clothing. Including: "It's Monday" "I'm tired" "I'm only running errands" "It's Wednesday" "It's Saturday" ...etc. You get the picture. Also, there is nothing quite like the perfect oversized sweatshirt. You know what I'm talking about.

2. When my hair goes up it has been a while since it has been washed. This happens two to three times a week. You get the picture. 

3. I L.O.V.E comfy clothes. Like I really love them. The moment I walk in my house and "real" clothing comes off and on go the comfies. You people who wear jeans and shoes in your house...I do not understand you. We can be friends and everything but I just...I cannot do it!

4. I feel my prettiest when I'm not dolled up. I am that sweats, hair up and no makeup kind of girl. Again, If I never had to wear shoes again in my life..I just wouldn't. Then again...these shoes. They are great!

5. I am really trying to add color to my wardrobe. It just is not working. All I want is black, white and grey. I'm not mad. I just am trying to add some spice to my outfits!

6. When it is a particularly sunny sunshiney day and the sun shines on my hair just right...It's red. Thanks Grandma.

7. It's naturally....I woke up like this.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Channelling Summer in GAP's newest arrivals.

Ok. It's Friday! We made it! This week has been kind of gloomy when it comes to weather. Or more like confused. One second it isn't so bad outside and maybe even sunny and then BAM there is a sleet storm blowing all around you. Like I said confusing.

So I am channelling warmth to stay permanently with this outfit. I am a beach/summer/less clothes the better (not in an inappropriate way guys) kind of girl. I was just tell a friend the other day that if I could be bare foot always I would be. When I lived in hawaii shoes rarely graced my feet. But alas I now live in Utah and clothes and shoes are a necessity SO I love this outfit! The shoes are comfy and cute, the dress is so light and wonderful, and the belt adds a little somethin' somethin'. Also…I added a hat because well I needed to. Plus it adds a beachy vibe to it which I am sure not complaining about. Speaking of the beach… the hat and shoes are from a little boutique in Hawaii and I think I need to go back, like right now.

Summer Summer hustle up! This girl is trying to wait patiently but it isn't working too well. And I don't want to get caught in a sleet storm in this outfit. Please and Thank you.